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OK - finally we get into the full depth of sewing machines for sale in Canada, United States, U.K., and Australia. Of course you can order sewing machines from anywhere in the world, but the most machines are sold in these four countries.

We discovered in our research that there are a few main types of sewing machines that professional users and hobbyists used. There is of course the all-in-one specialty sewing machines that can be used for quilting, embroidery, or normal sewing of garments. So the basic classification for sewing machines are as follows;

  • serger sewing machines
  • heavy duty machines
  • all-in-one machines
  • quilting machines
  • mechanical sewing machines
  • computerized sewing machines
  • manual sewing machines
  • vintage/classic sewing machines
  • electrical sewing machines

Some of the sewing machine descriptions listed above are repetitive in there nomenclature, but we're describing the words used by the users. Some of the older mechanical and manual sewing machines that use the classic pedal drive are used for heavy-duty stitching, and means that doing heavy leather stitching won't cost you and arm and a leg purchasing a very expensive professional and modern heavy duty machine.

For the average user, your typical all purpose sewing machine will do the trick. Brands such as Brother, Singer, Kenmore, will do just fine. Some the machines used for professional use (such as Juki) can be very expensive when bought one a time, or in bulk. Getting a special deal when buying multiple professional sewing machines can be a bit of a trick, and this requires allot of research online and off.

Depending on what your passion is, or what your sewing business does, your choice of which kind of machine(s) will be very different. Some hobbyists really need the best multi-purpose sewing machine on the market, so that they can do anything they want, and they still have some degree of automation, and the bells and whistles that come with the most advanced commercial machines.

Below we have many different information pages on all of the above mentioned sewing machines that are routinely sold in department stores and online world wide.


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