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Recliner chairs of quality are not as prevalent as you might think. It's easy to find cheaply made recliners anywhere in your local furniture stores, but did you know how bad the quality is getting these days?

It used to be, that a reasonably priced recliner (sold and manufactured somewhere between 1970 and 1975 let's say) would last for up to a decade - even if it was brutally assaulted, and abused. Construction was better and there were less synthetic material, and shoddy parts being used during manufacturing.

Since recliner chairs have so many moving parts, they are prone to breaking down. There are levers, brackets, handles, mounting hardware, and possibly springs in play, and suffering wear and tear. This was a challenge for the first recliner manufacturers, and still is.

Now, add in the new economy and the new world order of the furniture business, and you have cheaply made parts, using low grade materials, and synthetic cushion materials such as vinyl. You get what can only be described as "crap" ladies and gentleman. So now it comes to, "you get what you pay for", in almost every case.

This is when you need to research the better furniture web sites, and read about their recliner chair design, material, and construction process. You don't want an average priced recliner chair that only lasts two years with normal, or reasonable use. It's almost the norm now, that a recliner chair sold at a discount outlet will only last a year or so before breaking. Often you are asked to buy extra warranty on your recliner, and though it sucks to spend extra money, I always buy the extended warranty because I can't trust the low end manufacturers any more

So our advice at is to research you purchase online, and offline (in your local furniture stores) thoroughly before even thinking about spending any money. You will have this recliner chair for years if you buy a good one. If you can't afford to spend what is required to ensure quality, DON'T buy now. Save your pennies and wait until you have a larger budget for investing in your recliner chairs, sofas, sectionals, and loveseats.


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