Modern computer printers are readily improving every year, and soon today's technology will be obsolete. In the last 15 years computer printer manufacturers have been competing to bring down the "up-front" purchase prices, and making their money from ink cartridges. Lexmark is one of the prime examples of this ploy.

It's common knowledge now for most buyers to choose their printer based on the cost of the ink. This is in regards to home office printers. For commercial use, printers are chosen for quality, durability, and maintenance costs first. Ink costs are considered, but a secondary issue.

Generally, Canon printers have been the cheapest to run and maintain due to their ink costs. As mentioned above, Lexmark printers are really expensive to buy ink for. Hp printer ink cartridges vary in price depending on the model of printer you own. Epson printers are pricey as well.

From your humble narrator's experience, I recommend buying the computer printer that is cheapest in the ink department is the way to go. Why? Because most consumer level computer printers are made poorly. Surely, the the printers sold at Walmart, Target, Costco, and Zellers, look smart. These printers are looking better and better, with their silver and black cases, flip-up digital control displays, and streamlined paper loader/ejection trays.

This may sound strange to read on a web site that promotes shopping for computer printers, but these are the facts when it comes to modern printer manufacturing. So what I'm getting at (slowly) is that you will be likely buying a new printer again within the next two years anyway due to the cheap quality these days. All of the modern printers work very well when new, so quality is not an issue.

In a nutshell; buy a printer based on ink costs, because all modern printers print at a similar level of quality, they cost close to the same amount, and they'll be obsolete or broken within two years time.


PS - there is no Easter bunnie or Santa Claus either.

PPS - below is the printer I'm using right now and it's been solid and doesn't eat up ink cartridges.




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