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It's only fitting the Pottery Barn would be featured on Zazbot.com. Their extreme popularity online and off-line has made them an important shopping resource in the United States and Canada.

Not only does Pottery Barn manage their main stores in North America, they now have their Pottery Barn kids and Pottery Barn teen merchandise. They are experts in marketing home decor products but they are now branching
out into their product categories and sectors.

Pottery Barn sells anything from tables, chairs, beds, and other furniture, to slipcovers, bedding, duvet covers, and lamps. It seems that every day they have new ideas that sell like crazy.

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Is Pottery Barn Too Expensive?

Pottery Barn is not cheap and this is why you'll see shoppers using web sites like Craigslist and to eBay. Shoppers hope to find discounted Pottery Barn products that are barely used or secondhand. (if you have never heard of Craigslist you can simply do a search on Google, MSN, or Yahoo!, and you will find that site. There are those that believe that Pottery Barn products are overpriced, over inflated, and overrated.

There are others however, that don't buy into this believe. The reason is that Pottery Barn stuff is high quality merchandise and not prone to falling apart. These people scoff at the notion (and recent rumor) that Pottery Barn is filled with stuffy people. I've heard that there is an article somewhere on the Internet suggesting that Pottery Barn is associated with stuck up, snobby people. But really who cares - if they have the right product for you that's all that matters.

On a personal note, I would not pay the full sticker prices that they are usually asking for. Some folks however, the thrive on new products with that special name. This kind of branding is very hard to accomplish the lead is
accomplished it means great profits for the company. This is why believe Pottery Barn will be a strong retailer for decades to come.


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