Patio heaters were orginally only seen in commericial settings, such as restaurant decks, but they are being purchased and used allot for residential use. There are options in regards to how you power your patio heater. You can purchase a patio heater that uses propane, infared, natural gas, or electric (with the use of quartz bulbs or tubes) energy. Which source of energy you use depends on the application, whether it be a large area, small area, home use, commericial use, and how much you plan to use your patio heater(s).

The most important factor is going to be how much you utilize your patio heater. If you are using it allot due to commerical use, I recommend going with a natural gas unit, or an infared unit, depending on the electric or gas company billing levels in your country, state, province, or country. For use in Canada and the United States you are likely better off using natural gas if you plan to have your patio heater on quite a bit.

There are advantages and disadvantages in every type of model, make, and energy source used. For example, the newer table-top patio heaters have become quite popular, whereas the electric quartz tube embrella units are increasingly popular in europe. In north america these newer patio heaters are becoming advantageous as well.


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