The Japanese mini truck (aka. Kei Trucks) frenzy is still ongoing as farms, golf courses, universities, and municipalities realize the advantage(s) of using mini truck technology. We have listed various specific Japanese mini trucks pages for your viewing and shopping.

Japanese Mini Truck aka Kei Truck

Contrary to some of the misconception going around, Kei mini trucks is just a term used when describing any of the mini truck on the international market, and sold around the world. "Kei" simply means "small" in Japanese. Here is a small excerpt from the Kei-Cars.com.

"Kei (aka keijidosha which is Japanese for "light automobile"), Kei is therefore the Japanese classification of small er vehicles that include specific categories such as retro, sports, convertibles, trucks, mini vans, mini SUV's and hatch backs."

Japanese Mini Truck North American Restriction

Depending on what part of North America you live and work in, the use of Japanese mini trucks may be restricted. In the United States you can only use Japanese made mini trucks for off-road applications. However, in Canada, you can use the same mini trucks on the highway, and any other roads and/or byways in Canada.

Why Japanese Mini Trucks

There many reasons for the use of mini trucks from Japan. The cost is low to buy, the fuel economy is amazing, they're very tough, and they can handle almost any task that a full sized pick-up truck can. This poses yet another problem for many Americans who consider the purchase of a Japanese made mini truck. We all want to support our own countries industry and economy, but yet most United States and Canadian made businesses HAVE to save on fuel, purchase costs, and maintenance. The mini truck option addresses all of the above.




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