Graphic organizers can be invaluable for teachers, parents, businesses, and pretty well anyone who wants to create a complicated mind-mapping system. Visual aids have always been powerful presentation and teaching tools, but graphic organization is used in more places than you can imagine.

For example, graphic organizers are frequently used in field engineering, and standard engineering. There are hundreds of software packages on the market written in the effort to make the creation and presentation of graphic organizers.

Rudimentary Graphic Organizers

A simple graphic organizer can be a simple piece of paper with a few circles and some lines that demonstrate a rudimentary flow chart (I make these for formulating web site and database ideas). You'll see this simple style of graphic organizer in a maintenance manuals used in aviation, automobile repair, etc.

Below is an example of an extremely simple "bubble style" graphic organizer.

Graphic Organizers for Teaching Aids

Simple graphic organizer are used by teachers, school boards, and parents, to help children grasp (learn) a particular subject. The power of these visual aids goes without saying, and often graphic organizers are a bad thing if you want the student to comprehending through reading and writing. A visual aid can all-to-quickly render reading unnecessary, as the student can get the jist of the lesson material instantly with a chart, graphic, or picture. A picture says a thousands words right.

Below are some examples of some very simple graphic organizers that teachers, lesson planners, and professors could use in their curriculum. Of course these could be useful in the business world for maintenance, sales, distribution, marketing, company staff trees, training, and presentation work.

Graphic Organizers for Reading and Writing Aids

Graphic organizers are used for young children to make learning fun and effective. They are used for reading, writing, social studies, science, etc. These graphic organizers are often known as "visual learners". The primary goal when utilizing graphic organizers with children it to make learning, reading and writing fun. It's highly effective when the child is having a ball doing invaluable work, and in their mind they're just having fun.

Below is a perfect example of a reading and writing graphic organizer sold by Scholastic. They usually sell these as reproducible graphic organizers.

Graphic Organizer Software

Graphic organizer software is used when you need a way to create graphic organizers that printable, and you can also create mind-mapping systems meant for the Intranet applications, Internet applications, and desktop applications. There are a number of good graphic organizer software packages available for sale, and there a few decent software programs for Mac and Pc for free. The free graphic organizer software applications are not nearly as handy as the full and paid for applications.

Here are few graphic organizers and mind-mapping software suites that are available:

* Visual Mind from Mind Technologies (download trial demo here)
* EdHelper Graphic Organizers (click here to review PDF on how to use graphic organizers)
* Mind42 for web-based graphic organizers

There are many, many more graphic organizer software applications but the above three sites will get you off to a good start. Below is a menu of the Zazbot graphic organizer resources we have available. Over 100 pages of graphic organization, mind-mapping, and concept mapping information.





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