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Fireplace inserts are even more common on the market now than ever. Just go look at some new show-homes in your city and you will see how much they are being used. Your basic chimney and fireplace is not as prevalent as they used to be, and on older homes owners are buying inserts to take advantage of energy efficient models and brands now out there.

We have done some research on the installation of FP inserts and we have gathered information on the different manufacturers of inserts in North America. Some of these insert makers include Lopi, Napoleon, Regency, Hampton, and the ever-popular Lennox series of wood-burning, natural gas burning, and pellet burning inserts.

There are coal burning inserts, gel burning and straight electric inserts as well, although these are not as popular as the gas, wood, and pellet systems.

Pricing out all of these units won't take much time if you are quick with the Internet, and you can find quite bit of information online as far as consumer reports and reviews go. Just make sure you are are reading REAL reviews and not "spamviews" placed by retailers and dealers who are trying to promote the inserts that they are selling.

Another thing we noticed with fireplace inserts is that you can find the best units at your typical department stores, such as Sears, Home Depot, Lowes, Wal-Mart, Kmart, etc. - you will find the better units retailed at specific hardware stores, specialty shops. Your first place for looking at fireplace inserts is at your local appliance dealers. Why not support a locally owned and operated company when purchasing your insert. You may even get a good deal on installation, better customer service, and a more rock solid warranty.

Below is a menu of the different research data points we have gathered from around the Internet. Our editors and writers have compiled all of these for your research and shopping convenience.


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