Affordable Wedding Music Video Creation

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So I started a sideline business creating wedding music videos. I did it for a friend once and really enjoyed the work. Then I thought of a way to create wedding music videos for anyone who wants it done for a reasonable price.

Wedding music videos can cost anywhere between $500 to over $10,000 depending on who you hire, and how elaborate the finished product is. I’ve found that a combination of still pictures from the wedding and some sprinkling of the wedding videos makes for a better finished product.

I had to switch to my Mac for all this work. iMovie makes it allot easier to put together the music, pictures, and video. iMovie also allows for an easy upload of video to Youtube if the bride and groom want to have their special day up on the Internet for all to see.

Here is and example of a simple wedding music video that scraps all the cheesy transitions and annoying text interruptions.

What I’m doing now is having the new married couple send me an email of their wedding pictures, the song they want used in the video, and some ideas they may have. A week later I send them a DVD of their finished video. They can then make copies for family and friends. People can have the final video mass produced with artwork and packaging, and then have them send via snail mail to family.

I’m in the process of collecting pictures of my own wedding, scanning them into digital form, and uploading our wedding song into iMovie. The rest is just fun.

If you want to have your music wedding video made, email me at

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