Lincoln and Miller Welders

January 23rd, 2008 admin Posted in Trades Equipment No Comments » is starting a new series on Lincoln Electric welders and Miller welders. Our writers and researchers will be covering MIG welders, TIG welders, ARC welders, associated consumables and accessories. We’re very excited to provide this information for professional and hobby level welders. Come back and visit for all of the welding equipment updates!


Lincoln Electric Welders

Lincoln welders and consumables are made by Lincoln Electric based in Cleveland Ohio. The Lincoln Electric Company was founded in 1895 by John C. Lincoln. In 1922 welders were the mainstay products of the Lincoln Co. You can read more about their history on their web site.

Below is a short list of the Lincoln welders now in production:

Lincoln makes welders for professionals and hobbyists alike. Their One-For-All One-Pak is very popular with hobbyists as it can be utilized for many different welding applications. Suggested retail price for these welders are approx. $3300. See your local Lincoln dealers for details.

Miller Welding Equipment

Miller welding equipment is the primary competition for Lincoln. Their product line very similar is application and quality. Their history is of course different, and the argument regarding which welder (Lincoln vs Miller) is never ending for hobbyists and professionals. No-one at will enter into this discussion, as both companies produce and manufacture excellent welding products. The Miller Bobcat Welders are one of the most popular welders they manufacture.

Miller provides MIG, TIG, Stick, multi-purpose, multi-process, spot, and engine driven welders. (these are just a small list of their products) will be creating a multi-level satellite site regarding all of the main Miller welding products. This will be added within the next couple of weeks. (as you can see, the Miller site has now been added)

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