Learning to Solve the Rubiks Cube

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diyrubixcubeSo I was at the lake this summer and I found a Rubik’s Cube in the cabin we were renting. The cube I found was the standard cube which I found in the local Target store for 9 bucks. I was frustrated figuring the cube out, as I’ve always wanted to solve the cube.

It took me a week to finally figure out the cube. Then I worked to try and solve the cube in under ten minutes. I saw all these kids solving the cube on Youtube and of course they did it in a few minutes and some in seconds. Crazy, and I didn’t want to solve it that fast — just solve it. I did finally get it solved in under 8 minutes, but that was the limit it seemed.

Then I read about speed-cubing online and began watching these amazing kids solve their cubes lightening fast. Love it. I’m a little kid at heart for sure. I noticed that these kids used Rubiks Cubes that kits. These kits are ordered from a web site called Cube4You, and I order a couple of black cubes. They come from China so it takes some time to get them.

They come in a plastic bag full of plastic bits, stickers, screws, washers, and springs. Once you have your first cube put together, you’ll love it. You can speed-cube with these DIY cubes. Once you have a DIY cube all assembled and tensioned properly, you will begin cubing much faster. This is where the fun begins. If find cubing very relaxing because it keeps my mind off stressful things, and it keeps my mind sharp. Highly recommend picking yourself up a Rubiks Cube and be a kid again.

Read this post entitled, How to Solve the Rubiks Cube for Dummies

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Settlers Catan Board Game (6 players is too many)

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Our family recently got heavy into the board game Settlers of Catan. It was a blast at first, but after a dozen times playing we tried using 6 six players. We had to buy another game and color some of the pieces with felt pen.

The game takes WAY too long and it gets WAY to boring – take my word for it. There is a reason they made Settlers of Catan for a maximum of 4 players.

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Leapfrog Learning Games

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leapfroglmaxleapsterLeapfrog learning toysgames, and consoles teach your children when they spend hours playing games. No longer do have to worry about your child or toddler wasting hours of their time playing mind-numbing games. However, Leapfrog Enterprises has made so many award winning games, it’s difficult to choose. We at Zazbot.com have compiled a list of the top award winning games for you to consider before spending your hard earned money.

Below is a list of some of the most popular Leapfrog games on the market these days. You can follow the links for more information.

Dora the Explorer Wildlife Rescue

Dora the Explorer is a popular character with a Spanish flair, on Nick Jr. TV. In this
Wildlife Rescue game, Dora and Boots need help rescuing animals. Choose from 5
learning games and 3 interactive story lines teaching pre kindergarten and
kindergarten skills.

Disney Princess

Both Ariel (aka “The Little Mermaid”) and Cinderella appear in the Disney Princess games. 5 games teach Pre-Kindergarten and Kindergarten skills as the player progresses from Little Lady to Her Royal Highness.

Math Baseball Software

Kids will build math skills as they pitch, hit, and field to help their team win the championship. Five learning games use addition, subtraction, multiplication and division skills.

SpongeBob SquarePants Saves the Day

SpongeBob SquarePants may be silly, but that doesn’t mean he can’t be educational. When a new restaurant in Bikini Bottom brings too much competition for the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob needs help to make a new, improved Krabby Patty sauce. Five “action-packed” learning games teach skills in phonics, money concepts, science, addition & subtraction.

Mr Pencil’s Learn to Draw and Write

Let your imagination run wild! Mr. Pencil Learn to Draw and Write has over 150 step-by-step lessons showing how to draw animals, objects and characters, upper and lower case numbers and letters. Mr. Pencil can have dozens of art tools as well.

Finding Nemo

The “Finding Nemo” movie was one of Disney’s big successes, thanks to several memorable characters. Swim along with Nemo’s overprotective father, Marlin, and comically forgetful friend, Dory, as they try to find Nemo. This electronic book helps teach Pre-K and Kindergarten phonics and reading, math, science and reasoning.

LeapFrog Leapster Recharging Kit

It’s all about power, when you travel with kids and there’s nothing worse when you run out of it. The Leapster Power Dock Recharging System includes Recharging Dock, rechargeable battery pack, and AC adapter for plugging Leapster into an AC outlet. Recharge time is 3 hours. We like the modest-priced general-purpose power adaptor I bought, that plugs into any car lighter; you can plug any regular plug into the other end– cell phone chargers, laptop, hair stylers, whatever you like.

Leapfrog Kindergarten Games

Carnival Marvel has 6 learning games that teach kindergarten reading and math skills. Play learning games to buy monster parts bring your monster to life at the theatre show. There is a First Grade title as well six “action-packed learning games” with interactive pals at the Beach Boardwalk teach First Grade reading and math skills.

LeapFrog Leapster Carrying Cases

You’ll probably need a carrying case for taking trips. The Leapster cases
hold the game system and up to 5 game cartridges.       

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Air Hockey Tables – Family Fun

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zabotairhockeytablesAir hockey tables have evolved greatly in the last 35 years. In the 1970’s air hockey tables were beginning to show up in living rooms and basements. They were all the rage in the United States and Canada during Christmas time. I personally remember playing so much I had blisters on my fingers scuff marks on my palms from playing hours of air hockey a day.

Before I begin reminiscing anymore, let us get on to finding good deals, discounts, and clearance prices on air hockey tables. We’ve created a special resource for our visitors who are shopping for air hockey tables.     

Some of the brands and models we’re writing about are as follows;

We cover many more brands, styles, and models of air hockey games, and they’re listed in a cohesive, albeit simple fashion. Prices range greatly between these game tables depending on if your buying for commercial or personal use. Some of our visitors need to find commercial level air hockey tables that are very robust and have a coin vendor application built in.

However, most shoppers to Zazbot.com who come shopping for air hockey tables, need a table meant for home usage. The combination air hockey, billiard (pool), ping pong (table tennis), and foosball tables are very popular as well. Happy shopping and playing.   


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