Sky Caddie Update

May 9th, 2009 admin Posted in Sports No Comments »

So I’ve had a chance to use my Sky Caddie a couple of times and it has worked great. It does as advertised and no problem with Satellites or anything like that. Of course there is the odd golf course that is not listed in the Sky Caddie database but that only makes sense.

I just have to make sure I mark the course myself for it to work next time I play the course. Some of our city courses are not in the Sky Golf database, but the private courses are all in the database.

The only thing I would like to have is the ability to load more than 10 golf courses at a time.

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Big Bertha 2006 Callaway Irons 4-PW

November 11th, 2008 admin Posted in Sports No Comments »

Bought some 2006 Big Bertha irons for my Christmas present. My wife was not pleased as I surprised her when she got home. Oh – she was overjoyed that I spent $400 on them.

These are two-three years old now, but they’re brand new – never used. Couldn’t help myself because they look like jewelry. I still have my old Chinese Knock-Off clubs that are a replica of the ones I just bought. They’re garbage compared to the real deal.

Have not even swung these clubs yet, but next season I’ll at it again. Still need to buy the sand wedge.

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Back to Counterfeit Chinese Callaway Golf Clubs

February 25th, 2008 admin Posted in Sports No Comments »

Back to Counterfeit Chinese Callaways

callaway_big_bertha.jpgSo back in Palm Springs again for some sun, shopping, and golf. This year I’ve gone back to my counterfeit Chinese Callaway clubs. These are the black and red Big Bertha irons, and the accompanying driver and woods. After having two great seasons on golf course in northern Montana, Palm Springs, Calgary Alberta, and eastern British Columbia, I thought I would upgrade from my counterfeit Chinese made Big Berthas, and buy some Nike irons, and the Nike Sasquatch driver. Big mistake.

After a few bad rounds with my brand new Nike irons, I figured that it would a matter of getting used to the new clubs. I was wrong. I never did “get used to” my Nike irons, and the Sasquatch never got down the center as consistently as my Big Bertha did. I gave it a good shot, but this year I went back to my counterfeit Callaway clubs. My first round was in Palm Springs at the Desert Springs golf course. This golf course is forgiving with it’s wide fairways, and limited water and sand hazards. Still – I shot an honest 79 which was very respectable. Had a birdy or two, and a good run of pars. These counterfeit clubs are like using an old friend, and making a great shot was easy!

I’ve had to change the shafts on half of these counterfeit Big Bertha irons, as the original shafts broke at the hozzle. Some repair shops would not re-shaft the broken irons because they were obviously Chinese counterfeit clubs, but I finally did find a shop that WOULD repair them with brand new stiff shaft, and a solid and strong hozzle union.

I’ll provide a picture of these counterfeit Callaway golf clubs, and show the original graphit shafts, and the newly repaired steel shafts.

How Much Does it Cost to Buy Chinese Counterfeit Golf Clubs

I bought a full set of irons (3 iron to sand wedge), driver, 3 wood, 5 wood, putter, travel bag, Callaway big bag (black), and head-covers – all for only $200!!!!!!!

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Review on Nike Sasquatch Driver

October 27th, 2007 admin Posted in Sports No Comments »


Nike Sasquatch

This will be a short review other Nike Sasquatch driver. This review was submitted by David Smith from Pasadena, California.

I bought the Sasquatch in 2006 while I was on a trip in Palm Springs. At the time I was using a replica set of Callaway big Bertha clubs I picked up in China just for fun. As I had imagined, these replicas failed soon after I had bought them.

I decided that I want to buy some Nike golf clubs for the same reason that many other people buy them. Tiger Woods uses Nike. I went to golf town and tried out some different Nike clubs, the soon realized that they were all a little different to swing and hit.

I eventually decided on a set of Nike irons that seemed to work the best, as far as swinging golf clubs, and hitting balls of those little rooms they give you. Once I decided on buying Nike irons, I thought I should buy a Nike Sasquatch to match up the set. (huge mistake buying clubs based on brand, and wanting to match them up – just FYI)

So the Sasquatch feels light when you hold in grip. It feels good, looks great, promising a powerful drive. My first impression after using the this club was that it’s not forgiving. The Callaway woods and driver is much more forgiving in my opinion. However, when you hit the sweet spot on the Nike clubs, look out! I’m getting more distance with the Nike irons and the Sasquatch, but I have to be in good form and very close to the sweet spot.

I’ve recently decided to sell my Nike stuff and buy Callaway. Real ones this time. Replica (or knock off) golf clubs are a joke. They break, they’re not made nearly as well, and there is no warranty. Not to mention they’re illegal to sell.


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