Speech Recognition Software and You

December 11th, 2009 admin Posted in Software No Comments »

Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking

Today I  and testing some speech recognition software that comes prepackaged in Windows 7. I’ve also played around with programs like Dragon NaturallySpeaking to see if I can improve my speed in which I make my posts. It’s always been difficult and often I would rather just type it and speak it. But technology is getting better.

What you can do with speech recognition is quite amazing once you’ve trained at, but you really must sit down and do some talking into the microphone and whatever you decide to do take time to do the training – lots of training! You do have to wait a moment after you turn on the microphone before you can dictate because it takes a second for this massive amount of software to get around the ones in the zeros involved in the process.

It used to be that in 20 minutes of thinking and timing, I could type about 600-700 words. That’s only 35 words per minute. I just finished writing and article that was 2300 words, and it took me 20 minutes – that’s 115 words a minute! The accuracy was quite good and in that 2300 words I had to make about 10-12 edits for words like “there” / “their”, “too / “to”, etc. Not bad – MUCH faster than I could type coherently with my finger tips. For fast typers I can see why they would like to keep typing, and typing is fun. As a matter of fact, I miss typing if I have not done so in a few days. Just touching the computer is something I would miss. Read the rest of this entry »

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