KleerTemp Windowpane Thermometer for Our RV (review)

June 9th, 2009 admin Posted in Recreational Vehicles No Comments »

kleertempSo we bought the KleerTemp Windowpane Thermometer for the RV today. So this is a product I have to say really is a value and this is my review on it. First of all – it works, which surprised me because it was only 11 bucks to buy it. It was the last one at the RV shop where I bought it. I bought it on our RV trip going through Reno (Nevada) at Safari RV and the service was excellent.

So when I read the packaging on KleerTemp Thermometer I noticed they said don’t put it on and drive with it on, which to me makes no sense at all. That is when we want to use it the most so we can decide if we want to shore down for a few days or awhile – you know what I mean.

I decided to stick it on the back windowpane as to avoid winds and water hitting it at high speed. The only wind and water to hit it on the back window will be swirling effect elements – we’ll see if it’s still there after we drive through a rain storm. Read the rest of this entry »

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Motor-home Winterizing – It’s Time!

October 6th, 2008 admin Posted in Recreational Vehicles No Comments »

Well it is that time. Have to winterize the motor-home for the winter. We bought our kit and today we have to install it.

1) first thing we have to do is drain the black water, grey water, and fresh water from the motor-home

2) then we drain all remaining water from hot water heater and water tank drain valves

3) then we have to install the bypass valves and lines – these come in the kit

4) then we buy some NON-TOXIC antifreeze from the local motor-home supply store – for our motor-home (24 feet) we need three gallons.

5) we then put our white plastic suction line into the non-toxic antifreeze supply bucket (containers) and turn on the pump.

6) as the pump is running we open all taps, showers, and we flush the toilet 3-4 times to make sure it has non-toxic antifreeze on all the seals and in the lines

7) we keep an eye on the non-toxic antifreeze and change the containers out before they empty which will cause the pump cavitation – when all of the non-toxic antifreeze is sucked into the motor-home system, we are done. Turn off the pump (BEFORE cavitation starts)

8) pour the remaining dribbles of non-toxic antifreeze down the sink drains

9) make sure you open your fridge and freezer doors – make sure there is no-where for moisture to get in your motor-home or RV

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