Golden Retriever Disposition/Characteristics

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golden_retrieversThe golden retriever breed has always been one of the most popular dogs/pets one the planet. I never knew why, and I’m going to tell little story about my “awakening” to the golden retriever breed. Below is a point form list of why my wife and I believe golden retrievers are the best pets on the planet.

Golden Retriever Characteristics

Golden retrievers have some specific characteristics that make them a special breed of dog. To explain some of these characteristics I’ll tell a true story.

My wife and I invited our daughter and her boyfriend to live with us for a year or so, while they saved up for a down payment on a house. They were concerned about whether or not we would dislike having their dog stay with is for awhile. I have to admit that I was concerned a little bit about having a big dog, like their golden retriever, romping around the house. We also had a small black poodle that we were concerned about.

The big day came when the kids moved in, and the first one to the door to say hi was their golden retriever (whose name is Bentley). “Bentley the golden” pounced through the doorway threshold, licked our hands ferociously, ran up and down stairs, sniffed our poodle, and of course, had a bite of our poodle’s food.

I was even more concerned with this excitable 1 year old golden retriever running around our house like a lunatic dog, but Bentley eventually calmed down and made our home his. This rambunctious dog was so determined to get our attention, that we couldn’t even relax as we watched TV. I had never had a big dog, and I had never had a golden retriever, so it was a big adjustment. Then it started.

As the first 3 days went by, I soon warmed up to Bentley the golden retriever. My wife and I seemed to connect with Bentley, and he wanted to be by our side at all times. He sat on the couch beside us and rested his head on our laps, had naps on the floor, plopped himself in front of us to receive our affection, drooled when we had a snack. Soon enough, we were head over heels in love with Bentley the golden retriever. All of his habits and characteristics were over the top adorable, and I thought we were living with the most lovable, and beautiful golden retriever on the planet.

The sad day came when our daughter was ready to move out. We were especially sad to see Bentley leave our home, but we thought that it would be good to have a break from this big dog. We liked the respite from the Bentley for about 3-4 days, and then it hit us – WE MISSED HIM TERRIBLY. We had never had such a feeling for a pet, dog, or cat ever. We started talking about getting our golden, and a few months later it’s all we seemed to talk about.

We began by looking on the Internet, and then the local newspapers. We were frustrated to find out that there wasn’t any litters in our city. We started looking around the United States and Canada on some of the golden retriever rescue web sites and we were getting ready to fly down to Houston, Texas

Here is a list of the most obvious characteristics that all golden retrievers have:

  • golden retrievers often sleep on their back to stay cool
  • when golden retrievers sleep they whimper, wiggle, and flinch as they dream
  • golden retrievers need a great deal of affection so their usually near by
  • the only time a golden retriever chooses not to be near humans is when they sleep
  • golden retrievers are are extremely beautiful dogs regardless of their gender or color
  • golden retrievers love to run and fetch (correction: NEED to run)
  • golden retrieves are natural swimmers and can swim for MILES without risk of drowning
  • golden retrievers fart “blue cloud bombs” when they sleep (big time stinky)
  • golden retrievers are smart, but not as smart as allot of other breeds
  • male golden retrievers don’t usually lift a leg when urinating, but simply crouch forward a little
  • golden retrievers LOVE snow – they frolic, bounce, roll, and run around – they love eating snow
  • golden retrievers love having their ears, bellies, faces, and backs rubbed

The Golden Retriever Dispositions

Golden retrievers have amazing dispositions. They are naturally connected to source and universal love. They love all people, including children, women, and men. One of the things you’ll notice is that goldens will love, and shower affection upon, all people. As an owner, I was actually jealous the first time our retriever showered affection on a stranger.

Golden retrievers are what I call divine dogs, meaning they love ALL visitors with equal love. I’ve met many different dogs in my 44 years on the planet and none of them are as affectionate as golden retrievers.

Are Golden Retrievers Good Guard Dogs?

Yes and no.

Yes – In one way retrievers are great guard dogs because they will make allot of noise when a stranger comes around. They’ll bark and belly ache in a LOUD manner, which could frighten off a burglar, or someone who is up to no good. So they are good initial guard dogs.

No – In the long run however, golden retrievers are all bark and no bite. They will bark at a burglar but they’ll never bite them, or actually get tough. Golden retrievers will only bark because they’re afraid, and if the burglar (or evil-doer as George W. Bush would say) gave the golden a pet, the dog would lick him, shower affection, and if it could, make the bad guy a cup of tea.

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