Patio Heaters – Endless Summer, Blue Rhino, Uniflame, Firesense, Garden Oasis and More.

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We’ve been looking seriously at patio heaters the last few months and we have compiled some data on the different types of patio heaters – the brands, models, and BTU ratings. There are a few different vendors of these patio heaters, but some of them get their basic supply of heaters from the same manufacturer. Some of the more popular brands are Endless Summer, Uniflame, Firesense, Garden Oasis, Chillchaser, Blue Rhino, Well Traveled Living, Sunblow, and Sunpak – this is just to name a smattering of different companies that smack the placards on the few lines of models on the market today.

The common question we hear when it comes to purchasing a patio heater is, “I’m looking for a commercial level (or grade) heater for our residential backyard – near the pool,¬† or just in the lounging are of the back deck – should I be buying commercial grade, or should I be purchasing a consumer lever¬†patio heater like most people do”.

The answers to the above question is simple;

  1. do you plan to use your patio heater allot?
  2. how large is outdoor area you need to heat or warm up?
  3. do you have a natural gas source you can plumb in?
  4. how much money do you have to spend on the heater (what is your budget)

After we know the answers to the above 4 question, we can tell you whether or not you should be buying a consumer level patio heater, or a commercial level unit. Most people opt in for the consumer level patio heaters because the cost, and their connection requirements that may or may not be doable. Sometimes a sinple quartz bulb solution is the order of the day, and sometimes a powerful natural gas one is required – it’s your call of course.

Whatever you outdoor heating requirements are, you will need to do some reading on the best option for you, OR maybe talk with someone who had a few different patio heaters in the past. Another thing to do is go to some restaurants that have been using patio heaters for a long time. Ask the manager(s) which models, makes, and/or brands are the best and most durable (long lasting) in their opinion. You will be how surprised what these people will tell you. When you are done talking with them, though, make sure the decision is based on your needs and your familiy needs. There is no perfect solution – only “close to perfect” solutions.

Below is a list of our links that go to our pages that archive the possible patio heaters for your purchase. This includes to links to the vendor’s web site if I can find them.


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