Modern Computer Printers

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Computer Printers 

Modern computer printers are discussed in detail on our new disocunt printer web site. What we try to get across is the need for buying with your smarts in tact. We talk about the cost of ink cartridges, the cost of printers from Epson, Hp, Lexmark, Canon, and more.

Our theory is that printers have a similar level of quality and price, but the cost of ink is different. Some printers, if used regularly, will suck ink like a panting dog sucks water.

The look and functionality of modern printers is impressive, as manufacturers have listened to the advice and complaints users have been voicing over the last 20 years. Long gone are the days of the Dot-Matrix printers, and now we’re at the point where laser printers are becoming affordable for the average middle-class household.

The all-in-one trend is becoming the mainstay for printer merchants and vendors due to simple fact that we consumers want to have a one-unit solution for faxing, printing, scanning, and copying. The all-in-one push has put a strain on manufacturers as they grapple with “giving the people what they want”, but the outcome for buyers is wonderful.

As we point out on our new printer web site, it’s best to buy your new printer based on ink costbecause it will be broken or “yesterday’s news” within a couple of years. These new modern printers are mass produced and as a result, they’re unfortunately cheap. However, you can certainly get a few years of use without issue.

We suggest you buy the extra warranty that shops like Future Shop, Best Buy, and Walmart offer as you just can’t be certain your new printer will survive the wear and tear of your office demands.        

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