Spot GPS Satellite Tracking Messenger (Find Me Spot)

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spot-gps-messengerThe Spot satellite tracking and messaging unit looks like a toy, but it can save your life, or just keep your family alerted to your whereabouts.

It’s actually called Find Me Spot, and it’s

My parents are on an extended RV trip across Canada and back, and they have a Spot on board. Exactly the same one as you see in the picture here.

My brother and I get an email from their “Spot” periodically, depending on how my Dad uses it, which gives us and email update saying that, “We’re OK”.

Also in the email is a link that takes me to a Google map page giving their exact location on the Globe. It’s good to know where your family members are located when they’re traveling.

Some of the users of the Spot technology are as you would expect; Campers, Hikers, Snowmobilers, Sailors, Pilots, Fisherman, Boaters, Hunters, or anyone who is on the move and out of cell phone coverage. This is a safety thing – not a toy thing. When you are out there “in the middle of nowhere” you want to have a way to communicate with civilization. If the Spot locator had been around the last 100 years there would have been hundreds of thousands of people’s lives saved.

This video is about the use of Spot in Marine usage.

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