RV Motorhome Bed and Mattress Reinforcement

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rvbedmattressreinforcedIt amazes me how cheap they make these RV beds. The mattresses are fairly lame and the under structure is usually thin plywood. Not only are the bed frames and mattresses usually cheap in quality, much of the components used in RVs are inferior.

So what can you do about it? What we did was reinforce the bad frame by taking off the cheap plywood (thin stuff) and replacing it with 1 inch plywood. We also reinforced the under frame of the plywood with a few 2×4 pieces. Read the rest of this entry »

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Forest River 24 Ft. Sunseeker Rv

September 22nd, 2008 admin Posted in Motorhomes No Comments »

sunseeker.jpgJust recently bought a motor-home in Alberta. Calgary to be exact. We bought a 24 foot Sunseeker which is made by Forest River. We were concerned when we bought the Rv because we had never owned one, and had no experience using one. We discovered that it’s just a whole bunch of fun.

Of course there is the learning curve, but on modern motor-homes the new systems make living on the road a breeze. Generators you can turn on and off inside the cabin, easy electrical and plumbing, and better fuel economy. I still think you should have someone in the family who is “handy”, because there are some issues that come up that require some basic troubleshooting skills.

For example, I had to repair a toilet seal that was not installed properly, and I had to troubleshoot some issues I had caused myself. I learned that you can’t just plug your motor-home into any old power plug. The normal home power of 110-115 volts (15 amps) will not run your motor-homes AC (air conditioning). This I know now. I also found out how much money I have to spend on a trip in the RV.

We recently took a trip to Golden, British Columbia in our RV. We spent 3 full days on the trip and we had to travel over 900 kilometers to get there, back, and around the patch a few times. We spent 275 dollars Canadian on the fuel. Seems expensive but we won’t be travelling with Airlines nearly as much.

Advantages of having a motor-home are as follows in my opinion:

  • you can always take your dog(s)
  • you can eat your own food
  • you have a bathroom with you always that you know is clean
  • you have all of your “own things” with you on the road
  • no matter how far you travel you feel like you are at home
  • you always know what kind of bed you have and set it up to suit your back
  • you can get ready a leave for a spontaneous trip at anytime
  • you don’t have to pay for rent-a-cars
  • you don’t have to pay for airfare
  • you don’t have to pay for hotel rooms
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