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Many people are buying a blood pressure monitors these days to monitor their blood pressure at home. They may be concerned that their blood pressure is high and want to monitor it, or perhaps the doctor has told them that they have high blood pressure and that they need to make some life style changes to lower their blood pressure. Either way, having a blood pressure monitor around is an excellent way to monitor your pressure and avoid situations that may cause you to have a stroke or heart attack.

There are many different types of blood pressure monitors on the market to choose from. Some are more expensive than others and they come with various features that make it easy for consumers to use and monitor their blood pressure.

If you suspect that you do have blood pressure , always get this checked out by a doctor. Having high blood pressure can be a very serious problem depending on how elevated your blood pressure is and any other physical problems that you may have.

How the A&D Medical Blood Pressure Monitor Works

This blood pressure monitor works like many others in that it must be turned on, the cuff is threaded onto your arm and you manually pump up the pressure until it is above what you think the pressure is. The monitor will begin counting downward if you have pumped the pressure high enough, or it will show an error in the screen if you need to add more pressure. Once it starts just sit back and relax and wait for it to finish. Once it is done, the screen will show both the low pressure and the high pressure readings along with pulse rate.

This particular blood pressure monitor does not have any memory function so you cannot save the readings and you cannot print out the readings. You will want to write down the readings so that you can compare them the next time you take your blood pressure .  Note that high blood pressure is referred to as Systolic and low pressure is referred to as Diastolic.

How Often do you Need to Take Your Blood Pressure

Your blood pressure will vary a lot during the day even if you are sitting still. Also exercise, general activity, stress, even watching an exciting TV program can have an impact on your blood pressure. Arguments can really elevate blood pressure as well. Having an animated telephone conversation will have the same effect of raising your blood pressure.

The recommended approach is to wait until you are relaxed and comfortable. You may want to take your blood pressure at the same time every day so that you can do a valid comparison. Once per day is fine to adequately monitor your blood pressure and it is a good idea to keep records particularly if you are concerned about your blood pressure. You can use these records to discuss your blood pressure with your doctor and the appropriate action that needs to be taken.

Normal blood pressure is considered systolic at less than 130 mmHg and diastolic at less than 85 mmHg. Once you go above 160 / 100 you are considered to have hypertension and you need to be under a doctors care. Even slightly elevated blood pressure should be discussed with your doctor and monitored by your doctor. Wait for 10 or 15 minutes between taking readings if you need to take it more than once.

What Other Monitors Can You Use

These blood pressure monitors can be very simple in operation or they can be very sophisticated. The simple ones are similar to what you have seen in the doctors office with a small gauge that the doctor monitors as he or she allows the pressure to be released. They take a little dexterity to handle if you are doing it yourself and they are very inexpensive, under $20 in the US.

Some of the more sophisticated blood pressure monitors come with automatic pumps, all you need to do is press a button to activate the monitor. These same blood pressure monitors will record the blood pressure and save it for future comparison. Read outs are digital and easy to observe. These are quite a bit more expensive and very easy to use. Again look for one in the US to compare prices.

Were Can You Get the Best Deal

It definitely pays to do a little comparison shopping for blood pressure monitors. We found that there was a huge difference between medical supply stores and other places such as drugstores and even Walmart. The medical supply stores seem to be priced the highest of them all and we think this is because the government pays for a lot of the medical equipment, so the prices are inflated. Check around and we are positive that you will find the model of blood pressure monitor you want at other locations.

Also if you are Canadian, slip across the border to buy your blood pressure monitor. They can be $20 or $30 cheaper in the states. We went to Walmart and found several models that would have been acceptable and priced much lower than in Canada. We also saved on the tax as well. We declared the item at the border and since we were under the limits for the day , we were not assessed any duty.

Controlling High Blood Pressure

Blood pressure can be controlled and managed. Stop smoking if you smoke, reduce your salt intake and fat intake, reduce your weight and exercise regularly. Most important have regular checkups with your doctor who may want to prescribe blood pressure mediation for your high blood pressure. Some people just have a very difficult time lowering their blood pressure. If you cannot adjust your life style and change your diet sufficiently to lower your blood pressure sufficiently then  your doctor will probably want to prescribe blood pressure pills to get your blood pressure  under control.

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