Affordable Engagement Ring Site Launching Today

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So just a note to let our reader(s) know about a brand new engagement ring blog called RingForEngagment – they specialize in taking requests and questions from people shopping for rings that they are using to propose to their sweet hearts.

This is sort of an interesting way to highlight jewelry from the the angle of the users and shoppers. They are taking customer enquiries from their visitors and posting them with permission so that other shoppers can read about the different cases of men (young and old) purchasing rings for their soon to be fiances – well hopefully anyway right!

So at RFE they have a few categories of engagement rings they are focusing on so far. Here is a list of just a few of them;

So there you have it. Just a brief update on my friends jewelry site. There is allot of shopping going on for rings every day around the world, and hopefully they will put in the work to keep things rolling in their chosen business. Nothing like buying a new shiny ring for the love of your life!

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Diamond Rings & Selling Gold

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A lot of baby boomers have inherited various gold rings, charms, bracelets and necklaces from family members. Unfortunately unless these items have a lot of sentimental value they tend to sit in safety deposit boxes or in drawers in your bedroom. Some of them have significant value especially if there are diamonds involved while others are only as valuable for their gold content.

Gold itself has escalated in price over the past two years and you may think that all of these gold items may be worth a lot of money. Certainly that is what many of the TV ads would lead you to believe. They suggest that you can collect thousands of dollars by selling your gold rings to gold smiths and gold companies. All you need to do is send in your gold trinkets, they will evaluate them and send you the money. This is one of the biggest scams going and do not fall for it. Yes they will give you some money, however it will be far less than you expected it to be.

If you do have some gold rings, and you want to get rid of it or as in our case reuse the diamonds and sell the gold, you can end up with a very nice diamond ring for your wife, without having to spend a lot of money. We will discuss some of the issues we ran into during this process. Hope it helps some people. Let us know your experiences as well.

We were looking for a new engagement ring and a new wedding band to celebrate many years of being married. We had some old rings, and we are baby boomers so we are prime candidates for the groups that are looking to buy gold jewelry cheaply. When ever you are dealing with jewelry stores there good ones and bad ones, and you need to be careful as well as get second opinions. The best defense to avoid being taken advantage of is to educate your self. You do not need to become a jeweler, but it is helpful if you really understand the process. Also ask lots of questions and if you get bogus answers, or intimidating answers, it is time to move on. They are trying to make you feel inadequate and they are going to scam you.

Who Should You Deal With

I have read on various posts that you should deal with a local jeweler who also has a gold smith on their staff who will design and build custom rings. They recommend that you will obtain the best deal this way. We strongly support this approach, but also that you really need to ask around and compare prices.  We went to two local jewelers to get estimates for a ring we wanted and to also get estimates for some gold rings we wanted to sell as well.

The results were very different. One jeweler who has a good reputation in our area, explained in detail how he developed his estimate of what he would give us and also showed us the calculations. It was still less than we expected, which I will explain a little bit later. But at least I understood it and he weighed the gold in front of us.

However the 2nd jeweler would only give us 1 quarter of what the first would give and was suggesting our rings were of poor quality and not worth much. It pays to shop around. They did not even want to show me the weight and they really did not want to tell me how it was calculated. When I pushed for an answer, they went it through it so fast that it was obvious that they really did not want to show me.

Reusing Diamonds and Selling the Gold

We also had in the rings that we wanted to get rid of, several diamonds that we wanted to reuse. This is a pretty common occurrence were you have a new ring designed and old diamonds mounted in the new ring. You will need to get a custom quote for this work , which will be based on the amount of gold in the ring as well as the amount of detail that goes into the design.

If you take this approach, make sure that everything is documented so that you know exactly what you are getting and providing in terms of the diamonds.

What is the Gold really Worth

Since we were reusing the diamonds from another ring, we only needed to be concerned about the amount of gold we were selling and buying. When you hear of the gold prices on the markets they are quoting pure gold at 99.9999%. Lately gold has been trading above $1100 an ounce so one would expect your rings to be quite valuable.

Well it turns out that rings are somewhere between 50% and 60% gold content and the rest is filler. So if you had a group of rings that weighed an ounce, the most you could expect is between $500 to $600 and not the $1100 that gold is trading at. Big surprise for a lot of people who look at jewelry as an investment. Never the less you can sell these rings for the estimated gold content to off set the cost of the new rings. Our attitude was that we might as well do that instead of having the rings sit in the safety deposit box were no one will see them.

Gold  – A Good Investment or Not

Many people collect gold jewelry as an attractive investment which they believe they can resell some day if and when they need the money. The problem with gold jewelry is that it is only worth what the eye of the beholder thinks it is. You pay for the gold content, the workmanship and the profit that the store makes on the piece that you are buying.

When it comes to selling these pieces, unless gold has more than doubled you will never recover the workmanship cost and the original profit that was built in by the seller. In my opinion gold jewelry should only be purchased for it’s beauty and sentimental value and nothing more. Your only kidding yourself if you think it is an investment.

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Most Popular 2007 Halloween Costumes

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Halloween Costumes 

Well I like to predict the most popular popular Halloween costumes every year, and 2007 is no different. I’ve been asking the kids (and the older kids) in the family which costume they’ll be wearing. The captain Jack Sparrow

Halloween costume is going to be VERY popular. Captain Jack Sparrow outfits will be seen on children trick-or-treating from door to door, and you’ll see some young bucks strutting their “stuff” at the happy Halloween bashes, bars, and home parties. It’s an easy costume to wear – it’s comfortable, and it looks cool.  God knows young men want to look cool for the ladies at the Halloween parties. Never know when they’re going to run into a vampire who wants to take a bite out of them. 

Unfortunately no-one will be quite as cool as Johnny Depp, but I suppose a pirate can handle it right?   

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Wristwatches for Christmas 2007

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discountwristwatchesChristmas 2007 is winding up to be a real block buster, and the wristwatch vendors are spooling up their web site servers, and virtual cash registers (no pun intended). All watches will be sold like hot cakes – from Mickey Mouse Disney watches, to expensive Swiss-made watches, and my favorite – antique watches.

The traffic online is going to be at stupid levels as consumers click themselves into a frenzy looking for the best bargains, low price discounts, and so-called knock-off cheapo offers. 

Shopping for wristwatches in just GREAT fun for guys, but apparently not so much for women. Statistics taken from last Christmas season showed an abundance of men drooling over their keyboards and mice, as they developed the inevitable “gadget fever”.

The gang here at have decided to jump into the fray, and provide some shopping info seasonal watch buyers. We will be providing information on the following wristwatches:

As usual, we will remind visitors to do some web surfing before buying. You want to make sure the web site you’re buying from is on the level. A little research goes a long way when it comes to shopping for wristwatches (and jewellery) .

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