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brett mannings singing successI’ve decided to make a post regarding Brett Manning’s “Singing Success” product. Brett’s recent history as a vocal coach has been nothing less than stellar. His innovative teaching methods have been (and are still) used to make good singers amazing singers, and bad singers to good singers. Before I discuss Brett Manning’s singing instruction and techniques I want clarify a few things first.

Have you been fooled by some of the old singing myths?

Here are four of my favorite myths about singing just so we get off to a clean start. Singing well is not rocket science and not a gift given to only the genetically lucky.

Singing Myth One

“if you didn’t start singing and taking lessons when you were a small child then you will never develop a good voice”

There are people with no singing experience who take it up in their fifties and sixties and they develop great voices.

Singing Myth Two

“if don’t have natural born singing talent and vocal genes working for you then you will never have a decent singing voice so don’t even waste your time”

Ridiculous! Singing is JUST like a new sport or technique. If you have never played basketball in your life, you wouldn’t be any good at that either, yet you can teach your body and muscles new tricks at any time.

Singing Myth Three

“singing is not something that can be taught and you are dreaming thinking you could ever learn to sing”

Also ridiculous. Every human with functioning vocal cords and lungs that make you breath can learn to sing.

Singing Myth Four

“to sing you have to breath through your diaphragm and it’s all about breathing technique”

Wrong. When you get vocal coaching and singing lessons from someone who actually KNOW what they are talking about, you will find the so-called Proper Breathing is a bi-product of your body, throat, and vocal chords responding as you tell them to.

If you are still reading this means that you may have been duped into believing some of the above singing myths. Learning to sing is not a long, drawn out process that takes years to learn. You can actually go from a person who can’t hold a note, to a good singer in a matter of a couple of weeks. This may go against every wives tale you’ve ever heard, but it’s the straight truth.

Brett Manning’s Singing Success Online CDs

Brett Manning teaches professionals and amateurs the art of singing using the most effective methods know in the modern vocal instruction world. I could drop names here all day of the professional recording artists who have used Brett’s “Singing Success” program, and some who get one-on-one singing lessons from him.

The exciting thing is how quickly you can train your voice using Brett’s (often bizarre) techniques. You will be shocked when you realize how quickly you go from a singing klutz to a serious singer. I know that after I took Brett’s course, my family members and musician friends were shocked at how well I could sing.

Just remember this: It’s never too late to be what you could have been. If you’ve been frustrated your whole life because you seem to have been born with ZERO singing talent, and perhaps your friends and family have told as much, then stop and take a deep breath.

If you don’t think you have a good singing voice, you are WRONG, and anyone who tells you that you don’t have a good singing voice……well……they’re WRONG too.

You can see Brett Manning’s singing for success program here.

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