Keurig B70 Brewing System

May 4th, 2010 Paul Posted in Housewares No Comments »

Keurig brewing systems are the latest craze sweeping the small appliance market. These devices brew coffee one cup at a time so it is always fresh and with the flavor that you desire.  These Keurig brewing systems come in several models, however the one that we looked at is the Keurig B70 brewing system.

With the introduction of the Keurig brewing system, consumers can now have individual coffee brewed fresh any time they want in their homes. Up till now you had to brew a pot of coffee which gets stale quickly if you do not drink it. In fact coffee that has been sitting longer than 15 minutes loses the majority of its fresh taste. It can become quite acidic. In fact the better restaurants will pour out old coffee after 15 minutes and brew a new pot just to be able to serve fresh coffee to their guests! Read the rest of this entry »

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Kitchen Faucets

April 20th, 2010 Paul Posted in Housewares No Comments »

For several years we have been thinking about changing our kitchen faucet.  It was getting old , a little bit of corrosion around the base had made it look a little unsightly and occasionally we saw a little leak around the base if it was turned in a specific direction. We knew we had to replace it, however every time we went to the store, we were faced with so many choices, we could not make up our minds. Well finally one day we discovered that water was now leaking below the sink and we had no choice but to have the kitchen faucet changed.

There are literally hundreds of designs and styles to chose from. We had a hard time but we were able to narrow down the choices by making a few choices about style , color and design. Read the rest of this entry »

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