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We have highlighted most of the major brands and models of North American spas and hot tubs. This took a period of 3 months to compile all of the data on these aquatic products. The sales of spas and your typical back-yard hot tubs has slowed since late 2008, but by no means is the pleasure tub industry dead in the water (if you can excuse the pun).

The other reality is that the quality of home spas and recreational hot tubs has improved greatly over the last two decades, and this includes the quality of the accessories and working parts. The pumps, filters, sealed lights, and enclosures have advanced as well. On top of all these improvements we have the better chemicals and maintenance equipment to maintain optimal water quality, which in turns makes for happier and healthier users, longer lasting pumps and filters, and less scrubbing.

As mentioned in one of our other articles, I have not personally purchased a hot tub or spa, but I’ve been watching the technology from afar with interest. Can’t say that I am ready to lay out the big bucks for a hot tub unless our family REALLY plans to use it at least 3 times a week. From what I have seen in our research, I would suggest our visitors take a close look at some of the above-ground acrylic hot tubs – this based on usage, user ratings, and price-point.

If you really want to go all the way, and spend a hefty amount of cash, then look into the swimmer spas, or wave spas. These exercise spas are fairly new in the consumer level market, but you can’t argue with the quality. If you look at the spa in the inset picture you can see exactly what I mean – now wouldn’t that be nice to have in your house.

For outdoor spas, the new enclosures are getting impressive as well. Some companies are making extremely beautiful gazebos for housing spas. You can look at many of these as well.

So if you are SURE you will be using your hot tub/spa allot, and the investment is affordable, you can do some research with some of the gathered data below.

List of Most Popular Hot Tub and Spa Manufacturers

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