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used-hearing-aidsYou know it’s pretty gross when it comes down to buying used hearing aids. It’s also sad to think that someone who really need to have hearing aids to function day to day, hasto buy used hearing aids.

The whole idea of sticking some used hearing aid into my ear, that someone else has done for days, months, or years, makes my stomach turn. Even if the hearing aids have been disinfected and cleaned thoroughly the thought of sticking someone elses mess into my ear is “yecchy”.

So when is it worth buying hearing aids that are “preowned”?

I would say buying used hearing aids works if they have been used very little. In other words, someone bought them and found out they didn’t work for them and they returned them after very little use. You want to make sure the aids are clean, antiseptic clean that is. They have cleaners that will work on your hearing aids, but the discoloration will still be there of course. Sort of a yellowish hue really – you know what I mean.

The other problem is that these used hearing aids may be damaged internally and there is no way of knowing this. You may spend some big money on used aids that work fine for a few months, but then they are done for good – not repairable and ready for the garbage can.

Make Sure You Buy High Quality Hearing Aids If Buy Used Ones

If you decide to buy hearing aids that are preowned then for goodness sakes, but HIGH end (high quality) aids. The higher end hearing aids last much longer internally and electronically, so you may get some that will make it worth your while.

The Most Important Thing When Buying Used Hearing Aids

The most important thing to keep in mind when buying used hearing aids is WHERE you buy them. Make sure you ask around, or do some research online to find out which merchants, sellers, companies, or stores that have a very strong reputation for not ripping people off.

I have watched some of my older family members get completely hosed when buying hearing aids. My mother-in-law has gone through 6 sets of hearing aids! She FINALLY has a good set now that she can rely on. It really burns my butt that the elderly get taken advantage of on hearing aids purchases.

Make sure you help the elderly in your family and go to the store to do some research. If any salesman tells you that they have a hearing aid brand that works perfectly – run for the hills. There is no such thing as a hearing aid that works perfectly. Maybe someday a manufacturer will make a “perfect” hearing aid, but we’re a long way from that day, in your humble narrator’s opinion.

There is a Canadian company that makes hearing aids that I’ve heard about (can’t remember the name right now) that is on the verge of manufacturing an excellent model, but they’re not there yet.

So when you are helping someone find a good used hearing aid by brand try and look at the Apex models or the Destiny Models. They make fairly high quality aids that have a reputation for lasting a long time.

Good luck and good day.

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