Goji Berry Story of the Well Water Beside the Wall of a Monk Temple

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gojiberriesI have tried Goji berries now and I’ve tried Zrii juice as well. It’s VERY clear that  eating Goji berries makes a much bigger difference to our health than Zrii juice. I don’t believe that juice is the best way to consume berries. We need to consume the entire berry so you get the seeds, skin, and everything!

There are many documented stories that demonstrate the value of Goji berries, but the one that sticks out the most is the one about the well outside the wall of a Buddhist temple.

Back between 600 and 800 A.D. there was a water well dug deep in to the ground adjacent to the wall of a Buddhist monastery. This well was used solely for the practical purpose of providing water to the monks in the temple AND to the people in the village.

Over one hundred years later it the community had well learned the people in that area were living longer and healthy lives. When the local community leaders investigated the good phenomenon of this village, they narrowed down the villagers and monks that had the very best health, and they all had one thing in common. ALL of these lucky, elderly, and healthy people used nothing but the water from this well. So what made this well have such magical powers? Very simple.

There was a very thick Goji berry vine above the water well that had been dropping Goji berries by the thousands and thousands into the water over the years. All the water that came up that well was soaking with a steep saturation of freshly ripe Goji berries. Basically, this well water was extremely potent due to the FRESH and RIPE Goji berries that were being dropped daily into it.

People in the village, and the the monks in the temple all had noticed that the water from that well had a particular pleasing taste to it. It was sweet and tart at the same time, if there is such a thing. They bathed in this Goji berry well water, made tea with the Goji berry well water, and they cooked with the Goji berry well water.

I’ve been mixing Goji berries into my food twice a day now for a month, and I have never felt better, slept better, and relaxed better.

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Stop Smoking Surveys

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As our regular smoking visitors know we have been researching the most effective systems for quitting smoking.

nosmokingguaranteeQuitting Smoking Today
This system is a non med quit smoking system. This system has a money back guarantee. This is one I personally used.
6/10 —– 63 of 100 Smokers Quit
nosmokingguaranteeEasy Quit System
This system is also a non med system. 54 of 100 surveyed quit.
5/10 —– 54 of 100 Smokers Quit
nosmokingguaranteeSuccessfully Stop
38 our of 100 surveyed quit.
4/10 —– 38 of 100 Smokers Quit
nosmokingguarantee Fresh Start System
This system is a non med system. 38 our of 100 surveyed quit.
4/10 —– 38 of 100 Smokers Quit
Quit Smoking Right Now
This system is also a non med system. 31 of our 100 surveyed quit.
3/10 —– 31 of 100 Smokers Quit
Stop Smoking Hypnosis
Hypnosis system – Valerie Dawson’s system – she has a good system but many people can’t “go under”.
2/10 —– 19 of 100 Smokers Quit
This system uses pills. Also a popular method.
1/10 —– 9 of 100 Smokers Quit
This is a patch system.
1/10 —– 7 of 100 Smokers Quit

This has been a long process because there are SO many different methods that claim to work, but ultimately different systems work for different people. So our goal was to list the system(s) that have the highest record of success.

Many Quit Smoking Systems, Medications, and Methods Claim 99% Success Rate – BUT FOR HOW LONG?

Many different companies claim their systems, programs, patches, pills, etc., have 99% success rates, but the quitters usually go back to smoking after 6 months. In the surveys below the quitters had to have quit for over 1 year. If you have gone one year without smoking, you should be done. The odd craving, but that is normal.

Survey of Over 10,000 Smokers Trying to Quit

We used online surveys of over 10,000 smokers who actually tried the systems. We took the top 8 systems and listed them here with their total success count and gave them a success rating.

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