Chinese Made Counterfeit Golf Clubs

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So I was in China about four or five years ago and I bought some of these counterfeit Callaway golf clubs. I bought a full set of clubs with head covers, a bag, a travel bag, and even some golf balls – all for $200 Canadian. What a steal? So I used these counterfeit golf clubs for two years and it was funny what happened. One by one, each one of these clubs began to snap at the shaft near the hosel of the club head. It was extremely amusing for me and my golf partners when I took a big swing at the ball just to watch my club disintegrate before their eyes. At least I can say that (about replicate golf clubs) – they were a great sense of entertainment.

After I repaired all of these clubs, over a period of three years, it became clear to me that I was spending just as much money as if I had bought a brand-new set of Big Bertha clubs. “If I had known then what I know now”, as the saying goes.

So after I realized how futile it was buying and using replica golf clubs, I got smart and went and bought a real set of Callaway clubs. Of course, the shafts have not broken and I have not had any problems. If I didn’t have any problems however, I would have my warranty kick in and my clubs would be replaced. The whole experience has been funny say the least. So this goes out as a warning to anybody who thinks purchasing replica golf clubs (or should I say counterfeit) is a worthwhile endeavor. It simply isn’t! I highly urge you to go ahead and spend the dollars on a real set of clubs and have the warranty that comes with them. There are more reasons than I have just listed for my opinion, which I will get into now.

(picture has nothing to do with counterfeit golf clubs, but I figure you would appreciate it)

It Takes Time to Get Used to a Set of Golf Clubs

Any time you buy a new set of golf clubs it will take time before you get used to how they feel in your hand and how they make impact with the ball. That is just a fact. In my case, it takes me about two full seasons (two years) before I have any confidence in the new golf clubs I have purchased. Maybe for others it doesn’t take that long, but I only play about once or twice a week in the summer seasons. Those two years that I used the counterfeit clubs were a complete waste of time because I ended up having to get rid of them and throw them in the garbage anyway. If I had bought a real set of clubs in the first place, I would have been used to them and my game would be much better. I still have not got used to my brand-new real set of Callaway’s, because I had gotten so used to the counterfeits I had. So why waste your time learning how to use a set of golf clubs you know are going to just break and disintegrate. I mean disintegrate literally!

I was recently in Palm Springs playing golf with some friends down there, and we were on a long par three. I took my counterfeit clubs with me to Palm Springs because I didn’t want to risk having my new (and real) golf clubs stolen on the plane, or anywhere else for that matter. I pulled out my 7 iron to use off the tee box because this was a par three, at around 165-170 yards long. I took a big full swing and the seven iron literally exploded! The club head disappeared into the water, and more dramatically, the shaft of the club (which was graphite) completely disintegrated before our eyes.

Once again, this was a source of great amusement for my group, and I have to say myself. We all laughed when we looked at this graphite shaft which was split all the way up to the grip in about six or seven places. Like I said, it completely disintegrated and there was nothing left to the shaft. Over time, these counterfeit clubs start to wear out and the shoddy manufacturing begins to show itself in the most dramatic way. Read the rest of this entry »

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