Day Spas – The Ultimate Gift

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The Day Spa Gift

Day Spa gifts are extremely popular all year round, and of course Christmas time is the most popular time of the year buying day spa gift certificates. The typical recipient for a day spa gift certificate is a wife or girl friend.

Any man with just a little bit of savvy (and some bucks), can give their “better half” the ultimate gift. Day spas vary in price as you know, and in this gift category we’re going to explore the whole world of spas, days spas, and hotel spas.

What makes a spa special is the amenities, resources, and most important of all is the staff.  Professional quality personal care treatments (overall pampering) including facials and massages are only as good as the people carrying it out. Just like the restaurant business, a spa is only good as the staff and amenities. Some spas literally close their doors and go bankrupt when the staff is inefficient or incompetent.

Day Spas

Day spa gifts are usually a simple certificate for the gift recipient and can include a variety of services. The day spa services that are most popular include; facials including facial cleansing with a various different products, massages, the removal of body hair with hot wax, body treatments such as aromatherapy and body wraps, skin exfoliation, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion.

The gift certificate can include just a massage, or a facial, or both. This is a very common gift as it’s not too expensive, and some ladies can’t spend a whole day at the spa. If you buy your lady the whole day package including all services, it will be an 6-8 hour deal. This is a form of heaven to some women, but like I mentioned above, time is the most difficult resource. 

The first mentioned (most common) day spa  package is usually enough to sooth muscles and relax a person.  A little bit of pampering goes a long way.   

Spa Gift Certificates

Spa gift certificates usually range from $50 to $500 dollars depending on the spa. They sell in increments of $50, $75, $100, $150, $200, $250, $300 and up to $500.

Spa Service Price List

Here is a list of spa services provided by most day spas, spa towns, and weekly spa retreats. These prices are variable depending on the spa you choose. This example was taken from a spa in Houston Texas. (link inset below)

Sole Revival Foot Reflexology – 1 hour ($75)
Asian Scrub – 1 hour ($75)
Rain Drop Therapy Body Wrap – 1.5 hours ($100)
Seaweed Body Wrap – 1 hour ($95)
Reiki – 1 hour ($75)
Tahitian Frangipani Body Wrap – 1 hour ($100)
Zen Facial – 1 hour ($75)
4-Layer Seaweed Facial – 1 hour ($125)
Aromatherapy Facial – 1 hour ($100)
Micro Dermabrasion Treatment ($75)
Micro Dermabrasion Treatment ($100)
Micro Dermabrasion Treatment ($125)
Lash or Brow Dye – Lash Dye: 30 minutes ($21)
Lash or Brow Dye – Brow Dye: 30 minutes ($15)
Back Facial – 45 minutes ($75)
Glycolic Peel – 30 minutes ($65)
Waxing – Bikini Wax ($40)
Waxing – Brazilian Bikini Wax ($60)
Waxing – Full Leg Wax ($80)
Waxing – Upper & Lower Leg Wax ($40)
Waxing – Back Wax ($50)
Ashiatsu Massage – 30 minutes ($50)
Ashiatsu Massage – 1 hour ($80)
Ashiatsu Massage – 1.5 hours ($110)
Body Massage – 1 hour ($75)
Body Massage – 1.5 hours ($95)
Scen-Tao Warm Stone Massage – 1 hour ($75)
Scen-Tao Warm Stone Massage – 1.5 hours ($95)
TableThai Massage – 1 hour ($80)
Sinus Drainage Massage – 30 minutes ($40)
Spa Teaser ($175)
The Rejuvenation ($245)
Heavenly Body ($245)
True Bliss ($360)
Gentlemen Prefer ($210)
Tahitian Bridal Ritual ($165)


Spa Resorts and Retreat Getaways

If you can afford it, a getaway to a spa retreat is a gift your gal, wife, girl friend, or significant other will be blown away by. Of course, this is a very expensive gift, and usually only the well-to-do can afford to flush that much cash on a week spa getaway.

The resort spa usually includes the following services as listed above [facials including facial cleansing with a various different products, massages, the removal of body hair with hot wax, body treatments such as aromatherapy and body wraps, exfoliation, chemical peels, and microdermabrasion] – but is also includes nutrition weight loss, counseling, medical treatment, cooking lessons, and fitness consultation. 

Spa Towns

Spa towns were originally founded in Europe [example Rhone Alpes] and they bring the spa experience to it’s most prestigious level. Spa towns are getaways that be enjoyed on a daily basis or a weekly basis.  What makes a spa town is it’s water. Keep in mind that spa towns are located world wide, and not just in Europe.

Spa towns spawn (couldn’t resist) in areas that have natural mineral waters or hot-springs. Hot thermal baths or mineral water treatments known as hydrotherapy or balneotherapy are the “big deal” here, and the very reason spa towns hold their prestige.

Finding therapy “in the waters” has been a common treatment for thousands of years, and in modern history natural hot springs and mineral springs have been developed for commercial purposes.

So if you want to really treat your lady, send her of for a day spa, a week long spa trip, or perhaps a spa town. She’ll love it more than you can imagine, an you may want to invest in a spa treatment yourself. It’s good for guys too.   

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