Our Ashley Furniture Experience

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ashley_sectionalWell on a personal note, my wife and I bought some Ashley furniture last month. Specifically, we bought a sectional. I’ve included a picture for you to click on and see the sectional. We love this piece of furniture, and Ashley’s offered the best bang for the buck. What you’ll see when you click the inset picture of this sectional is chocolate brown leather base, with cream, beige, and brown cushions. This is a micro-fiber sectional on all cushions and MAN!!….it’s really comfortable.

We were very surprised when Ashley had it delivered to our home. It was much larger that we thought it was when we picked it off the showroom. As a matter of fact, it was so big that our door got scraped up as the Ashley movers moved into the living room. (Ashley’s offer to replace the door but we didn’t get around to calling them)

So once we got the sectional in the room and set it up, we loved it. The cushions are really thick and comfortable. The cushions are by far the most comfortable we’ve ever had. I was concerned that the chaise would be long enough so that three people would be comfortable sitting on it. No problem.

As far as staining on the micro-fiber goes, it’s quite amazing. We have golden retrievers and they’re allowed on the furniture, so we thought the dogs would dirty and stain the cushions. No problem. Any mess the dogs make or we make wipes off with a damp rag not to be seen again.

Pricing Out Ashley Sectionals

My wife insisted on looking at all the furniture stores to sit on every sectional in our city! I don’t like shopping that much, but I went along anyway, and I’m glad that I did. This sectional couch by Ashley was is very big, high quality furniture. The leather stitching is thick and tough, the cushions thick as mentioned above, and this particular scheme is adaptable to almost any decor and/or paint scheme.

So we highly recommend buying furniture made by the Ashley company.

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Bean Bag Chairs are the Rage Again!

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Beanbag ChairsBean bag chairs are now more popular than ever. They were the rage when they came out in the late 1960’s and the early 1970s, but faded from popular culture (also from living rooms and bedrooms). Sure, there were bean bag chairs still available, and they’ve been popular for children’s bedrooms across the United States, and around the world.

Zazbot.com now has a brand new bean bag chair resource in which we have listed a lot of information on most of the popular beanbag chairs that are available online and off-line, including theme-based beanbag chairs. What I mean by theme-based is designs and patterns based on sports teams, sports equipment, universities, US States, cartoon Characters (including licensed character), cars, etc.

Inexpensive beanbag chairs

Modern Beanbag Chairs and Golden Mean Ratio

The construction of modern beanbag chairs has been greatly improved due to the application and of physics and mathematics. In fact, some of the beanbag chair merchants brag about the use of Golden Mean Ratio in their manufacturing process. Don’t ask me why. I only care if the beanbag chair is comfortable and it’s sold for a reasonable price.

Modern Beanbag Covers and Inner Filling Material

kids beanbag chairsThe material used as filler (or “the beans”) has also changed dramatically since the inception of beanbag chairs. Listed below is very common beanbag chair composition. Keep in mind that this is a big beanbag chair description. This would be a large, adult sized beanbag chair.

  • Size: 5’5 x 4’5 feet
  • Material: Nylon (PVC coated nylon for longevity and durability)
  • Filling: Virgin Polystyrene Foam (small foam balls)
  • Cleaning: Use a clean rag rinsed with hot soapy water

There is a lot of competition in the beanbag chair market, and competitors claim that their materials are superior to the “other guy’s” beanbag. There is a difference between the expensive and cheap beanbag chairs. You usually get what you pay for though. Watch out for big shipping charges, as some of these companies are making profit from the shipping charges.

The Hazards of Beanbag Chairs

Parents should be aware that there has been reported case of death and injury due to improper use of beanbag chairs. What happens is that children unzip the beanbag chair and climb into it. Inside the beanbag the children either suffocate or ingest the filler. There has been approx. 40 cases of children suffering serious injury and approx. 10 cases of children dying as result of this phenomenom. For more on this hazard, please read this beanbag recall report from the Consumer Product Safety Commission (commonly know as the CPSC).

The alternative is to buy a beanbag that doesn’t have a zipper. However, this means you can’t change the filler when it wears out. There is another option and most of these concerns resulted in an industry standard being developed via the CPSC which went into effect in 1995.

Recommendations from the CPSC suggested a double zipper on all newly manufactured beanbags. The new standard also includes a safety lock or latch to secure the double zipper when closed up. The lock/latch to have a special tool for opening so that children and toddlers can’t open the zipper(s). These new standards have cut down on death and injury from beanbag chairs greatly. Now, there is nothing stopping kids from cutting open the bag with knife or scissors and crawling in that way.

With the above, manufacturers need to display a clear an concise warning on the beanbag chair so that parents and guardians understand the risks associated with children at play. These warning labels must be readable in all of the respective languages depending on the countries the beanbag chairs are sold in.

US Flammability Standards

If the above issues were not enough, there has been a fire hazard associated with older beanbag chairs. Now the filler (regardless of type) must be treated with a fire retardant compound so the beanbag chair doesn’t turn into a fireball in the event of a house fire. New beanbag chairs must now meet the United States Flammability Standard for manufacturing.

What to Look for When Buying a Beanbag Chair

You want to make sure the beanbag chair you buy complies with all of the CPSC recommendations as above. Make sure the beanbag chair has flat felled seams, and/or double stitched seams. Only purchase a beanbag chair that has a double zipper with some kind of zipper locking device. Never buy a beanbag chair that does not meet the National Flammability Standard.

Beanbag Chairs are Comfortable, Durable, Safe and Fun!

low cost beanbag chairsNow that we’ve gotten through all the scary stuff associated with old-style beanbag chairs, we need to remind ourselves that modern beanbag chairs are comfortable, stylish, durable, safe, and just plain fun! Beanbag chairs are perfect for rumpus rooms, school settings, kid’s rooms, art deco interior decorating, and on home theater floors. With the newer trend of big beanbag sofas and beds, they’re coming back into style all over again. The price is never out of hand, and they make fantastic gifts.

Making Your Bean Bag Chair

Making your beanbag chair can be a lot of fun and may save you some money. At least when you make your own beanbag chair you can make is indestructible and safe. You can customize it and make it as personalized as you wish. This can be a whole bunch of fun for the kids and the family. Get creative and make a SPECIAL beanbag chair!

You can also make a DIY beanbag sofa. Click here for an example of a beanbag sofa plan with instructions and pictures.

Classic Beanbag Chairs and Furniture

There has been a trend towards making and selling beanbag chairs that are very much like the original designs that came out in the late 1960s. See this article on the Comfy Sack site. This is from their blog. Cool huh!!!!

Beanbag Chair Manufacturers

There are more manufacturers than this, but this are the main ones.

Our Beanbag Chair Information

We’ve created a tank of beanbag information in which we have separate pages on over 120 different beanbag chairs. Here are just a few links you can check out.

Thanks for dropping by for some beanbag ideas, and information. Please leave a comment on this article. If no-one has commented yet below…..just type in a sentence to get things started.

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List of Recliner Chair Manufacturers

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reclinerchairsRecliner chairs are perhaps one of the first sign of the modern decadence pursued in the west. We’ve listed some of the more popular recliner models and brands here.

Below is list of the most popular recliner chair manufacturers and suppliers:
La-Z-Boy Incorporated (NYSE: LZB)  Monroe, MI
La-Z-Boy Incorporated is a manufacturer of reclining chairs and upholstered furniture. The Company also manufactures and imports case-goods (wood) furniture products for resale in North America. La-Z-Boy Incorporated markets furniture for every room of the home, as well as for hospitality.

Brown Jordan International , Inc.   Pompano Beach, FL
Brown Jordan International (BJI) is the leading designer, manufacturer and marketer of fine luxury furnishings and accessories to residential and commercial customers worldwide. The company markets furnishings under the brand names like Brown Jordan, Tommy Bahama, Pompeii, Winston, and Molla.
Berkline – Morristown, TN
Berkline Furniture offers a wide variety of quality home furnishings including recliners, reclining sofas, reclining love-seats, reclining sectionals, and home theater seating.

Flexsteel Industries , Inc. (NASDAQ: FLXS)  Dubuque, IA
Flexsteel is one of the finest products on the market, more than a century in the making. That’s why we stand by it – for life. Long-lasting Flexsteel furniture is manufactured by well-trained people in a quality-controlled environment. You’ll be impressed by their quality construction.

Palliser – Winnipeg, MB, Canada
Palliser.com has been designed to show you the types of products produced by Palliser Furniture. Our independently owned and operated retailers establish all prices of our products and so we are not able to make them available on our website

Kids Chairs  – Virginia Beach, VA

Sure Fit , Inc.   Allentown, PA
Furniture slipcovers – shop the official sure fit slipcover web site for fitted, ready made slipcovers for furniture. with sure fit, you get all the style at a fraction of the price of new or reupholstered furniture.

Ekornes   Somerset, NJ
Ekornes shall, in all markets, distribute its brands through solid, selected dealers. These may be chains or independent dealers. Marketing in shops shall be based on studio solutions. The purpose is to better communicate the product benefits and brand profile.
American Furniture Co.   Colorado Springs, CO
Purveyor of Quality Furniture and Interior Design Services since 1921. Visit us and discover world-class home furnishings and accessories unlike anything you have ever seen before.

DeCoro’s new state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities were opened in June 2003. With a total area of 2 million sq ft, the new factory is the largest sofa factory in the world, producing all components of a sofa under one roof. DeCoro was founded in 1997, by its President and Chief.

Benchcraft – Blue Mountain, MS
BenchCraft Furniture offers a variety of stylish home furnishings including sofas, sectionals, leather furniture, reclining furniture, occasional chairs, and tables.

Leather furniture from LeatherEmporium, a north carolina retailer of furniture from fine furniture manufacturers including natuzzi leather furniture, king hickory furniture, ekornes stressless, decoro leather furniture, precedent urban classics furniture, and omnia leather furniture.
Flexsteel (NASDAQ: FLXS)  Dubuque, IA
Flexsteel Industries, Inc. manufactures, imports and markets residential, recreational vehicle and commercial upholstered and wooden furniture products in the United States. Its product offerings include a variety of upholstered and wood furniture, such as sofas, love-seats, and recliner chairs.
Villa International – Cerritos, CA
The story of Villa International really begins in our 50,000 square foot workshop, where dedicated craftsmen have been turning out some of the world’s finest furniture since 1955. Today they still do it in much the same way as they did then: by hand – metal workers, carpenters and furnishing experts sweat over each chair.
JCH Home Furnishings Co. Ltd  
JCH is the manufacturer of finished upholstery including recliners,sofas,relevant cocktail tables,and semi-finished goods such as cut and sewn cover kits.US technology and experienced engineers make our products reach high quality standard. 
For more than 50 years, KI has been providing superior health-care lobby and waiting room furniture. The largest privately-owned commercial furniture manufacturer. The company is well-respected in the industry and is known for its quality, innovative designs, and tailored solutions.
Patrician – High Point, NC
Since 1964 Patrician has been creating well designed products of value for businesses, universities, hotels, hospitals and government facilities. Not just another niche marketer, this third generation business features a full range of diverse products including executive, guest, lounge furniture.
Champion Manufacturing Inc   Elkhart, IN
Champion was founded on certain principles: Always listen to the customer. Always strive to build the best quality product. And do it in the most efficient manner. We began with one customer and one product. 

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