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Toontown Trial  

A 3 day free toontown trial is one of the most popular free game trials online these days. Disney’s free trial is for families who want to try the new toontown gaming community.

The total price of after the trial has expired is around 9 dollars a month, which is worth it I suppose, if your children are having a blast and it’s a safe online experience. The most important aspect of Disney’s online gaming communities is security. As usual Disney has kept children their #1 priority.

Parents can join in for the fun with the kids, and the Toontown Trial is really a great way to go. 3 days to decide if you want to keep on going on. The one problem is that Toontown is a really addictive online game, and the kids are going to be pushing the parents to subscribe on the monthly plan. This is a problem, as the kids will likely burn themselves out with in a few weeks. Of course, some kids will login and play everyday, and that’s all good if it’s clean and educational.

It’s very debatable whether or  not the 3 day toontown trial will prove to be an “educational experience“. I doubt it. The best thing is that children are playing with their Moms and Dads. Time’s sure have changed since we were kids.

You can download from different locations depending on your location. You can download from the UK (United Kingdom), 3 central USA locations for North America, 1 location in Australia, and one in Israel.

Often when you download the 3 day trial, you’ll get a notice saying the mirror is full, but you can try the other ones until you get a connections. This Disney trial is very popular so be patient.

Have fun!

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