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Another product we have an interest in here at is fireplace inserts. Some of these newer models, makes and series’ are truly gorgeous – not to mention cost effective and energy saving. We have gone forward with data collection on all of these major brands available for sale. The fireplace insert dealers most commonly known are; Lopi, Napoleon, Regency, Lennox, and Vermont Castings. You can also purchase purely electric inserts that are cheaper (and less worthy of your attention frankly).

We are particularly fond of the Lennox series of insertsĀ  because of their obvious quality quotient and their wide range of products to choose from. We have listed Lennox in our menu below for your research and shopping.

Regency also makes a great insert, and we recommend checking out their web site as well. Can’t really say anything bad about Lopi and the others really – it’s just a matter of preference and it’s all just subjective depending on the house you are planning to install your insert in.

Allot depends the kind of enclosure you presently have in the wall you are renovating, or the wall of the new home you are building. The advantages of using inserts are many when you compare the energy losses suffered with a conventional fireplace.

In our house we currently have a standard fireplace, and we love it. We notice that the newer homes all seem to have the inserts instead of the brick chimney etc. We’ve even noticed that some of the new show-homes even have inserts inserted in the staircase or in the staircase landing areas.

What to Burn in Your Fireplace Insert

Pretty simple here – there are three main types of fuel to burn in your insert, and those are pellets, wood, and natural gas. You can also burn coal and gel to, but they are not the most popular. The #1 most popular burn is gas. You will see this when you start to seriously start shopping for an insert.

List of Most Popular Fireplace Inserts

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