New Zazbot Service & Products

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Well it’s that time of year and Zazbot has some new services and products to feature for the new year. We have two services to talk about and three new products to talk about.

Financial Services

ATV Loans
Lawsuit Presettlement Loans
Scooter Loans

New Products

Motorcycle Tires
Tecumseh Carburetors

Have a good Christmas and New Years Eve everyone!

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Playing Card Kings

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kingofdiamondsDid you know that each king in a deck of playing cards represents a great king from history? Below is the correlating playing card King that represents the real King of history:

  • King of Spades = King David
  • King of Hearts = Charlemagne
  • King if Clubs = Alexander the Great
  • King of Diamonds = Julius Caesar

Cool huh!?

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Origin of the Word Honeymoon

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Since has some wedding resources (bridesmaid dresses) we thought this interesting bit of info would be on-topic.

The origin of the word “honeymoon” comes from Babylon 4000 years ago. It was normal for the father of the bride to provide the groom with honey beer for exactly one month following the wedding day. Honey beer was called Mead in ancient Babylonian times.

This one month period called the “Honey Month”. The Babylonian calender was a lunar calender, and henceforth over the centuries the term Honey Month became Honeymoon.

Cool huh!

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Acronym GOLF – Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden

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mens_only_golfThe origin of the name golf is very interesting. The first Scotsmen who pioneered the game of golf gave the game it’s name by creating an acronym. The word GOLF is actually an acronym for Gentlemen Only Ladies Forbidden. A horrid idea in today’s western world that is finally grasping the concept of human rights. Read the rest of this entry »

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Origin of The Phrase “Bang for The Buck”

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Did you ever wonder where the phrase “bang for buck” came from? Well I’ve always wondered myself where it came from.

First of all, it has nothing to do with sex or ancient human slave trade. Nothing at all. There was nothing racial about this popular phrase, and this phrase was not brought into “common speak” because of some sleaze merchant. In fact, the true origin of the phrase, “bang for the buck”, is American, and it’s meaning is arguably more offensive than the above mentioned.

“Bigger Bang for the Buck”

Charles Wilson coined the phrase “Bigger Bang for Buck” in 1954 when he was the United States Secretary of Defense. He was talking about the cost efficiency of nuclear weapons as compared to the bombs designed up to that point in history. Basically, he meant that the United States could spend less money and destroy more enemy resources (including people) with a nuclear bomb than if they used a traditional bomb.


The term the that Charlie Wilson was borrowing from was, “bounce for the ounce”, which was used in Pepsi advertising slogans during the 1940s. More bounce (pep) for the ounce. When they launched their 12 ounce soft drink, they claimed to give their drinkers more pep than competing soft drink manufacturers such as Coca-Cola.

The Modern Meaning of “Bang for the Buck”

The phrase “bang for the buck” now simply means “value for the dollar”, in regards to getting the highest quality and/or best possible value for the amount of money you spend.

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Types of Consumer Level Printers

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Dot matrix printers, which used long roles of perforated paper and offer very poor credit quality, or now rarely seen; and although there are other good quality printers around – dye sublimation printers, for example – their use is usually restricted to professional proofing. 

For the average user, printer choice has now really fallen between inkjet printers and laser printers, and you will see an abundance of these available at the computer store.

Color Inkjet Printers

Color inkjet printers have fast become the most suitable printer for the home user. The cost of the printer and the quality of apprentice themselves seems disproportionate, as most inkjets are capable of near photographic quality yet many cost very little to buy.

Ink Cartridges

Color inkjet printers (including the 11×17 printers) are replaceable ink cartridges that usually contain three pinks – yellow, magenta, and cyan, and sometimes also black. If you have a lot of pages to print that consist of only text, then some models provide the option of replacing the color cartridge was the one that contains only black ink.

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What Does Bubble Jet Mean?

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You might see the term “Bubble Jet” used in relation to an inkjet printer. This is just the name Canon has given to their consumer printer line. 

Bubble Jet is simply the trademark of Canon, and although the technology may differ slightly, a Bubble Jet printer is still an inkjet printer.

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“Did You know?” Series

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We’re starting a new series on called “the Did You Know?” series. In this category we will be posting product facts that you may find interesting (you may not too).

Once and awhile we find some semi-interesting fact regarding a particular product, and this is where we will post it. Hmmm…repeating myself yet. It’s been a long long day.

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