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spun_glass_figurineSpun glass figurines are extremely popular during the Christmas season, as discount gift shoppers hunt online in the quest to find a spun glass decorative, and/or spun glass collectible ornament. There are two distinct types of figurines that are the most popular during the holiday season, and we’ll be trying to sort it all out for you in this article.  

Prices vary greatly between specialty figurines and generic figurines. Some collectors will spend millions of dollars on figurines that were owned by royalty, or a particular dynasty, but the mainstay contemporary (modern) figurines are sold for between $2.00 and $35.00.    

Modern Glass Figurines

Some of the modern sun glass figurines are stunning to say the least. The artisans who create these figurines have to be seasoned professionals to successfully create these wonderful pieces. The beauty of contemporary sun glass can be awe inspiring when when the sunlight beams through them. I’ve included some inset pictures of some of these figurines. If you are not looking for old collectibles, and are only concerned with buying someone a beautiful glass figurine, I would suggest the modern, or more contemporary pieces.

Popular Spun Glass Figurines

angel_spun_glass_figurineThe Angel Figurines – The most popular spun glass gift has always been a (and still is) the Angel. Angels have always been a powerful the symbol of love, god, peace, and spirituality. The inset angel figurine is one of my personal favorites, as it’s a patriotic collectible with the Angel holding the American flag in her hands. The gold wings off-set the gold tip of the flag pole is fantastic. Highly recommended for your friend and loved ones who reside in the United States.

Spun Glass Birds – The 2nd most popular spun glass figurine is the bird. Birds of species have been collected for centuries. I can’t imagine a collection that didn’t have a few birds on displayed on a fire-place mantel, table, or shelf. In this inset photo the spun glass birds are on a rose stem, which also has the bloomed red rose to give the figurine a color contrast. Very nice. 

You can find thousands of spun glass birds in your local department store, or specialty shops, but you can find more online. The biggest issue with ordering spun glass figurines and ornaments online is the shipping. The shipping costs are not very expensive, but you want to make sure you insure ANY shipped pieces. Obviously, spun glass products, such bird figurines are extremely fragile.   

spun_glass_spider_figurinesSpun Glass Spider Figurines –In the modern contemporary figurines, a very popular gift is the spun glass spider figurine. Don’t ask me why. Pretty scary figurine to have hanging from your Christmas tree. I tried finding a picture of spider made with spun glass in a simple sitting ornament, but it was quite a challenge. However, lets face it, to each his own. Some folks  have some bizarre collections. There some figurine collections that are down-right spooky.

Spun glass spider figurines that are in the antique and vintage category, can get fairly pricey, and some of them are actually pretty ugly to look at. Serious collectors are not as worried about aesthetics as they are about rarity, and the history behind the figurine. Often, it’s more important which artisan made the figurine.

Update:I’ve removed the glass spider Christmas tree ornament, and inserted the glass spider you see there now. I actually like this figurine better than most spider figurines on the market today. Would look pretty cool in some-one’s collection.

spun_glass_rocking_horseSpun Glass Rocking Horse Figurines – Rocking horse figurines are another popular choice for gift buyers, and collectors alike. The rocking horse ornaments are easy to find, but finding a spun glass rocking horse is difficult to say the least. Zazbot.com has been trying to find some rocking horse figurines to display on this article, but it’s been hard to find a good looking spun glass horse of quality.

As a matter of fact, the rocking horse figurines in the included picture, are not actually spun glass – they’re just glass, and we apologize for our writer’s mishap. We’ll update this picture with a true spun glass example. 

spun_glass_carriage_figurinesSpun Glass Carriages (horse and buggy) – The spun glass horse and buggy carriage’s are my favorite figurines to date (ok, I gave it away – I’m a closet collector). The inset picture of this figurine is fantastic, as it show the proper lighting and reflection characteristic you want when displaying all your collectible figurines. I highly recommend considering a spung glass (click image to enlarge – very nice) carriage for your own collection, and/or a gift for a loved-one. These look absolutely stunning when given the due respect of a professional display.   I own this exact horse and buggy figurine. Take my word for it….gorgeous!

Notice the figurine is crafted as the Cinderella buggy style. Of course this make sense as spun glass products are directly related with the Cinderalla story. The infamous glass shoe right?! This brings us to our next featured glass figurine – the high-heel shoe.   

spun_glass_figurine_high_heel_shoeSpun Glass High Heel Shoe – The high heel figurine is very popular as well. The spun glass shoe in the featured picture is one of THE most popular figurines on the modern market. I own this one as well, and it’s a favorite for many collectors. A mighty sexy glass shoe if I don’t say so myself. It would be painful to wear though so don’t even think about. As will all quality glass figurines, this stiletto heeled (to full scale it would be a 4″ heel) shoe is accented with gold trim.

Notice the detail in the strap and toe area. One of glass figurines will cost a pretty penny is you intend on buying a high-end one, so shop around a little before buying.  

spun-glass-figurine-schooner_1Spun Glass Schooner Figurine – The spun glass figurines of boats are popular as well, and in particular the schooner figurine is the most popular in the marine category. The spun glass schooners are made in various sizes so you can get away with having a smaller budget. You can buy a small schooner for cheap, and still make your gift recipient a happy collector. You’ll see these schooner figurines in some of the high end marinas around the world.

As with all of the spun glass items on this page, you should click the inset picture of the schooner for a full-sized picture view. We will be updating this article soon to replace any pictures that don’t have the real deal spun glass image.

Conclusion of our Spun Glass Ornaments – That’s it folks. I’ve covered all of the most popular spun glass ornaments that are readily available off-line and online. You should try surfing the Internet for spun glass ornaments, just so you can educate yourself on prices, shipping costs, artisans, and companies.

Spun glass collectibles are great Christmas gifts for the senior citizens in your life. I would recommend finding out what their interests are, and try to find a figurine that is directly related to their life experiences. Of course this makes sense – most of the older people I know don’t want a car stereo for Christmas

Beware of the really cheap spun glass ornaments being proliferated online these days. Make sure you do a little research to make sure the ornament merchant has a quality web site, large inventory, quick delivery time, insured shipping, and an overall trustworthy and reputable customer service department.

If you have video enabled on your computer, you will see a great video below of a spun glass swan being made by a gifted artisan. Enjoy!


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