Lladró Figurine Catalogue

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The Lladró figurine catalogue is accessible online, and offline, for browsing and shopping. Our recommendation is to check out the Lladró historical catalogue as well for the pure pleasure of reviewing the Lladró collection. We touch on the two catalogues below, but first a little bit on where these precious porcelain figures are made.

Where Lladro Figurines Are Made 

The City of Porcelain
Carretera Alboraya s/n
46016 Tavernes Blanques
Valencia – Spain

Contact Lladro
Tel. +34 963 187 001
Fax +34 961 857 471
Tel. 900 211 010 (toll free, only within Spain)
Email: customer-services@es.lladro.com

Lladró makes all of their figurines in the City of Porcelain, which is located in Tavernes
Blanques (Valencia). The first structures were open to the public in 1969. With Lladró’s  world-wide growth, they grew to a floor size of over 100K square feet.

The City of Porcelain is open to the public with on-site tours. Over fifteen thousand tourists a year tour the grounds and gardens. The tourist program lets visitors observe the artisans as they create the famous Lladró products. The the Lladró museum is another on-site complex which takes visitors through a historical tour of the Lladró porcelain “dynasty of elegance”.

Lladró Figurine Historical Catalogue 

Lladró has a historical catalogue which you can browse through all their past products and this is a frequently visited web site for figurine lovers around the world.  

The Lladró Figurine Current Catalogue 

The up-to-date Lladró figurine catalogue is the main-stay for shoppers who want to shop online or offline. The web site has a “quick search” function in which you can quickly narrow down the figurine you are interested in browsing or buying. Lladró doesn’t sell directly from their online catalogue, but they give you a “where to buy” function so you can search for the nearest authorized Lladró dealer.


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