Cessna High Wing Light Aircraft

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cessna_high_wing_aircraftCessna high wing aircraft have arguably been the most popular light aircraft choice for private owners. There are other options of course, including Beech and Piper, but Cessna has certainly been the favorite choice for private pilots. There are many reasons for this, and we’re going to look at some of these reasons. Zazbot.com will be creating a new series of posts regarding Cessna high wing aircraft. This will be our introduction to this series. We will be looking into Cessna aircraft from the 140,142 – 180,185 series of models.

Cessna High Wing Aircraft on Floats

cessna_on_floatsOne of the reasons Cessna high wing aircraft are used so much is because of the different applications they can be used for. You will see Cessna 140,142,150,152,170,172,180,182 high wing aircraft on wheels at airports around the world, but one of the most popular applications is for water landing. High wing Cessna aircraft can be outfitted for floats without a great deal of work, and they can be reverted back to wheel landing gear quickly. (assuming you have maintenance engineers that know what they are doing)

The most popular floats used on Cessna aircraft are Cap floats, EDO floats, and Whipline floats. Most floats are known as “straight floats”, meaning aircraft floats that are not amphibious. These straight floats replace the wheel landing gear on Cessna aircraft so that the plane can only land on water.

When a Cessna high wing aircraft is outfitted with Cap, Whipline, or EDO straight floats, they have to have a float kit installed. These float kits are incorporated as a fuselage reinforcement before floats are attached and rigged.

Cessna Aircraft on Amphibious Floats

Cessna aircraft can be outfitted with amphibious floats such as Whipline floats. An approved float kit must be installed as well, before the amphibious floats can be installed. Amphibious floats are pontoons that have wheel landing gear incorporated so they can drop wheels and land on air strips as well as water. Buying a Cessna aircraft with Whipline amphibious floats are very expensive, and because of the extra wheel landing gear, are more costly for maintenance and parts.

Most Popular Cessna Aircraft (172)

Cessna 172

Arguably, the Cessna 172 model is the most popular model every made for private pilots and small businesses. The reason for this is simple. The 172 was manufactured more than any other Cessna model. Here is a web quote of interest that is regarding the Cessna 172:

“More than 35,000 172’s were manufactured over the ensuing 50 years. Interestingly, Cessna themselves initially thought that the 172’s demand would be short-lived”

The 172 was originally manufactured with the o-300 6 cylinder Continental engine. Later models had Lycoming engines incorporated. The first Cessna 172 to ever fly was made in 1955, and surprised the Cessna corporation to become the most popular single engine airplane ever made.

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