ATVs - Kawasaki, Polaris, Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Suzuki, Yamaha, Argo, Kazuma

The ATV market has been flourishing in the last two decades. The technology has really improved with the main ATV manufacturers. If you have ever fired up an 800CC (or more) machine and let it rip in a wide straight stretch you know how much fun it can be - a real rush. You can see this when you read some of the personal accounts here at

There is a professional circuit of ATV racers now too, so that has made the old-school use of ATVs for farming, hunting, and land work a distant memory. Below at the bottom of the page we have a menu of information points for the different makes and models.

We have gathered together data on the following key ATVs in the market. Arctic Cat, Can-Am, Yamaha, Argo, Kazuma, Kawasaki, Polaris, and Suzuki. We gone into parts and accessories as well. We have covered most of the power rating for ATVs to, ranging from 30CC (cubic centimeters) all the way up to 1300CC.

The range of makes and models is vast considering the many different uses there for ATVs. There are racing ATVs, ATVs for hunting, ATVs for recreational purposes, and machines for purely recreational usage. Your humble narrator was told by our team here at that there wasn't allot of data available online for ATV buyers, riders, hunters, and users - most information and reviews for ATVs are on ATV specific websites.


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