Air hockey tables have advanced greatly since their arrival on the table game market. Manufacturers such as: Beringer, Carrom, Harvard, Great American, GLD, DMI Sports, Stiga, Dynamo/Tornado, Halex, MizeraK, Prince Ice,
Park & Sun, Shelti, Level Best, Performance Games, CHH, Valley Dynamo, Murrey, and of course Sportcraft.

These companies make air hockey tables ranging in size between 3-8 feet in length, and players and consumers have a choice of table style to play on. Some of the more popular air hockey table styles include; standard top, specialty, multi-game, portable, table top, and conversion (combo) tops.

Prices range as well, compared to the early history of air hockey design and manufacturing, and there is a table out there for any family on any budget. The hours of fun and exercise your family can have playing air hockey is endless. Some families go through 3-4 air hockey table in the raising of their children.

Multiple game tables that provide a combination of game choices provide air hockey, ping pong, billiards, and foosball. These "combo" tables are very popular, and therefore they're often the first tables to be sold out at your local air hockey table specialty shops and department stores.

Department stores such as Walmart, Sears, Kmart, Costco, Target, and JC Penny usually carry air hockey tables on mass during the christmas season, and they have them for sale in the off seasons. They air hockey brands they sell are usually in the lower to moderate price range, so if you are a serious (or more advanced) air hockey player you won't be shopping there.

The thing now though is that you can order an air hockey table online and have it shipped to your doorstep in under a week. Some online merchants will have the table to your doorstep in under 3 days! Amazing. Your shipping charges will range between $0 - $60. The higher shipping charges are only if you are on the opposite coast such as Los Angeles to Newyork.

Below we have some more specific pages regarding various brands and make of air hockey tables, parts, and accessories. Have fun shopping and of course playing!!!


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