About Zazbot

Zazbot is a free shopping site and informational based blog where you can read about particular products and services. We don’t sell any of our own products, but we will refer you to web sites that do. Please read our Privacy Policy for information regarding the advertising links found on this web site. We write about products and services that we find interesting OR we see a demand for on the web. Some topics of interest are more rare than others, while some products and services are extremely common.

We don’t pay for any traffic to the Zazbot.com domain, but instead let the search engines decide on what traffic we get. If you want to buy a particular product for a deal (low price) Zazbot maybe a good place to start depending on what you are shopping for. At the very least, you can find some information here for some basic research purposes.

Zazbot has various different writers we use to update our domain so there is no one source, which gives us a variety of different opinions, reviews, and slants on products and services. We try very hard to remain balanced and fair to all brands, and models, so as not to let our writers discriminate against particular products/services.

How Do We Decide What Products and Services Get Written About

We usually look at a few factors when deciding on what products and/or services to write about and review. We will choose products that don’t have much exposure online because we don’t intend to compete for extremely popular items. There are enough web sites covering those products at a fanatical pace.

On the other end of the priority spectrum, we let our writers decide what they want to write about. All writer use the same moniker which admin so as not to personalize our reviewers in any way. This is a contrary way of doing things online, but it protects the privacy of our writers and administrators.