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Most people are familiar with the standard air filter on their furnace. These filters should be changed fairly often, sometimes each month depending on were you live and the amount of dust or animal dander / hair that may be in your home. For many consumers this level of air filtering or air purifying is sufficient. However for a large number of people who suffer from allergies to pollen, dust and other things that float through the air, it is important for them to have a home air purifier installed either on their furnace or a room air purifier that keeps a specific room clear of pollutants that may bother them.

Why You Would Want an Air Purifier

For most people, the air filter on their furnace is sufficient. It removes the larger particles that are sucked into the cold air return vents such as lint, animal hair and miscellaneous items. As long as the air filter on your furnace is changed at regular intervals , your home will be satisfactory.

You can tell when to change these air filters by removing the air filter and examining it to see how much dirt and lint is on the filter. Also hold it up to a light and you will be able to ascertain how clean or dirty it is. As a general rule the air filter should be changed at the beginning of the season and then several times a year depending on your home and the number of animals you have in the home. A very clean home will require the filter to be changed less often than one that is not.

For those people who have allergies or suffer from asthma and other breathing ailments,  or folks who just want to know that their living space is super clean, they will turn to air purifiers that can be installed in a room to cover only that room. They may also prefer to have one installed on their furnace so that the entire house is kept clean of odors such as smoke, pollen and other bits of micro dust particles such as mold and pet dander that seem to find their way into our homes.

Central Air Purifiers

Central air purifiers are installed on your furnace and take advantage of the forced air system provided by your furnace to remove air blown particles from your home. These systems will deliver cleaner air to your entire home unless you happen to have turned off any vents or cold air returns in your home. The furnace fan should also be running even if heating or cooling is not required to keep the air circulating. You will find that there is a lot less dusting required with the furnace fan running and the air purifier in operation.

There are several different types of air purifiers that can be installed on a central air circulation system. Electrostatic air filters can be installed on your furnace cold air return system, just after your existing furnace filter. The existing furnace filter will continue to collect all of the larger particles. The electrostatic system will capture up to  97% of the particles missed by your regular furnace filter.

They next type of air filter is a HEPA based filtration system which is rated at 99.97% efficiency against a 3 micron sized particle. While this may not mean a lot to many people, rest assured that those folks who are susceptible to smaller sized allergens will notice the difference. A micron is .0000004 inches in size and these particles are small enough that they can easily penetrate into your bronchial tubes and lungs to cause irritation for those people who are susceptible to this sort of thing.

Finally there are hospital grade air purifiers, which most residential owners may not be concerned with. These systems will help to control the formation of mold, bacteria as well as remove odors from cooking, pets and also from smokers.

Regular maintenance is required on all of these systems to ensure they are clean, all dust is removed and that they are delivering maximum efficiency.

In Room Air Purifiers

There are many air purifier products on the market that will be suitable for individual rooms in your home. Many people will adopt this solution if they do not have a central forced air system such as electric baseboard heating or they just wish to focus on one room in the home.

Since we spend up from 7 to 10 hours a day in our bedrooms, a lot of people want to have an air purifier in this room to provide them with clean air while they sleep.  Since most of these systems are portable, they can also be moved from room to room as well.

In terms of air purifier efficiency, they follow the same basic filtering capability as the central systems do, however their capacity to provide purified air is much reduced and is suitable for a room size space. Always verify the capacity of each system before you make your purchase to ensure that it can handle the air space that it will be positioned in.

Installation of home air Purifiers

For most central air purifiers it is usually recommended that you arrange for an expert to assess your needs in terms of capacity and to also complete the installation. There will be electrical work as well as mechanical work to be completed on your furnace’s return air vents. In addition you will want the system installed to guarantee maximum efficiency.

Room air purifiers on the other hand are designed to be plugged into a regular room electrical outlet. Always position the air purifier to give you maximum air flow and coverage for your room. Once plugged in and turned on, only regular cleaning of the system and change or cleaning of the filters is required. Follow the systems recommendations  to ensure that you derive the maximum benefit from your in room air purifier. They can be moved around or additional units can be purchased for other rooms.


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