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Upgrading your door hardware inside your home as well as on entrance doors can make a huge difference to your home’s decor. In our case, the door knobs and the hardware for our entrance door were made of yellow brass and had become pitted and black from use as well as the weather. It was looking pretty bad and we decided to replace this hardware, including the hinges. Little did we realize that this would lead to a wholesale change throughout our home of all hinges, door handles and including the knobs on the kitchen cupboards. We will discuss more on that later.

The good news is that we were able to purchase new hardware for our entrance doors which really enhanced the look of our home and made the entrance doors much more presentable to people visiting our home. They were easy to install and multiple keys were provided so that everyone in our family could have a key. We found that door hardware makes a huge difference to the look of our home and this is primarily why we decided to write this particular post. We wanted to share what we learned as we went through this exercise.

Where to Start

In our case we began on one of the entrance doors and then proceeded through the rest of the home. This actually worked very well for us; however we could have just as easily begun in one particular room and then continued throughout the house as we upgraded all of the door hardware in our home.  When we finished the entrance doors, we realized that it made such an improvement, we had to also upgrade the French doors in the entrance way , which them led to changing the panels on the electrical switches in the hallway and on and on.

Where to Stop

Each time we changed a set of hardware on doors or electrical outlet or switches we found that we needed to go to the next room and do that room as well. We have an open concept home and this makes it much more difficult to decide where to stop. Door hardware, hinges, wall plates and outlet plates for electrical plugs is expensive, especially when you are doing all of the rooms in your home. We would suggest that you plan ahead and purchase what you need in quantities that would make you eligible for a discounts. We finally decided to limit our upgrades to the down stairs area. We may upgrade the door hardware etc upstairs at some future time.

Maintaining a Theme

We also found that it is important to maintain a theme throughout, especially with an open concept home. As a result we selected a Venetian bronze product from one manufacturer for all of our hinges and door handles. This is very complimentary to our décor in our home and the white doors accentuate the bronze color of this door hardware. We are not trying to sell this particular design, but we happen to think that it is important to maintain a theme throughout when you have an open concept home. Upstairs doors etc could be handled differently for example.

Less Expensive Than a Total Upgrade

Changing your door hardware is much less expensive that changing your front doors or the kitchen cupboards for example. A little paint on the outside doors, new modern hardware and suddenly your doors are looking great. The same applies to the doors and trim inside your home. New doors can cost thousands of dollars and frankly in our opinion are not worth the investment unless you are changing the overall look of your home i.e. adding stained glass windows in your doors for example. This is really personal taste and we will leave it there.

What about the Kitchen Cabinets

Our kitchen cabinets were looking a little tired and the door knobs really were not looking nice. We changed the door knobs and also on the drawers as well. This helped a lot, but after years of use the wood was looking a bit tired. After talking with a paint and hardware specialist, they suggested that we lightly sand each door and then paint the doors and drawer fronts with the same color using a melamine paint and a sponge roller. The combination of new door hardware and new melamine paint did wonders and now our kitchen looks as if it is brand new. Although a lot of work it saved us thousands of dollars.

Can I find Door Hardware on Sale

The answer is definitely yes. There are two ways to get a deal on door hardware. Sometimes it actually goes on sale and is reduced in price by as much as 25%. You have to be careful that you can get enough door handles and hinges at that price in case the store or manufacturer is trying to move stock that they are discontinuing.

Another way to save money is to buy in quantity. Some stores will offer renovator specials or builder specials. In this situation you will need to purchase larger quantities to qualify, however if you are planning to change your entire inside door hardware there is no problem qualifying for this savings.

Installing Door Hardware, Hinges, Handles and Locks

Installing the new door hardware is pretty straight forward. Just follow the instructions that come along with the outdoor hardware. An extra set of hands is really handy to help balance the door as the hinges are being changed, however one person can do the job if they take their time and change one hinge at a time so that the remaining hinge holds the door in place. Occasionally you will have to make some minor adjustments which is fine considering the money you are saving by doing this work yourself.


We have tried to cover all of the major topics associated with changing door hardware in older homes, as well as demonstrating that you can spruce up your home without spending thousands of dollars. When you do the work yourself you save even more money and improve the way your home looks from the street by painting the door and adding new door hardware. This is a win, win scenario as far as we are concerned.



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