TrafficMaster Resilient Slate Flooring by Allure

We just bought the fake slate plank flooring by Allure. This is the infamous resilient plank flooring that looks fantastic and is very easy to install. This is actually one the first DIY projects my wife are reaching out on. I’m not a real handyman around the house, although I’ve always been confident I could do a good job when the time came.

So now I have to shut-up and put out. My wife found this TrafficMaster flooring at Home Depot (of course), and she was impressed by its rating on some of the DIY home improvement shows.

So the first thing I’m doing is removing the old carpet, underlay, etc. Then I think I’ll put a very thin underlay used in most laminate jobs. Then we’ll install the Trafficmaster Chocolate fake slate.

One thing I notice is the that after the the underlay and carpet is removed, there is a one inch drop-off from the old flooring that meets with this room. Have to look into this. I’ll be making a video and taking some pictures of the install.

Will update this as we go along.

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