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Ok guys, if you do not want to  start remodeling your home, make sure that your wives do not read this post. Basically this post is about how replacing our front door handles lead to redecorating our bathroom and replacing our bathroom mirror and more!

Our front door handles were getting a little tarnished to say the least from the sun and the cold Canadian winters, so we decided to change them. We chose a Venetian bronze color which is similar to a dark or almost black color with streaks of bronze showing through. They look nice and make a statement, however we then realized that the inside door handles and hinges on all of our doors needed to change since the older brassy bronze look is totally out and it all needed updating.

This leads to the downstairs  bathroom door of course and when you make these changes, you realize that the towel rack, the toilet paper holder, the switch plate cover and plug cover also needed to be changed. And if you do that, then you must also change the faucet in the sink as well as the lights in the bathroom. Fortunately I got away with not having to change the sink and the toilet, but it came close. We changed the flooring several years ago, so I was fortunate there as well.

How Do I Remove the Bathroom Mirror

I forgot to mention the lights. These too had to come down since everything must match and compliment each other. Our builder had installed this rectangular mirror and then placed the bathroom lights immediately above the mirror with a stainless steel cover. Now we know that stainless steel and Venetian Bronze do not go together so down the lights come as well.

Now how to get the mirror off the wall without a lot of damage, broken glass all over the place and also avoid cutting myself. The mirror is a flat rectangular mirror that was glued to the wall by the builder. There is no frame so it is a tricky job to get the mirror  off in one piece.  But there is a trick to these things as there are for many jobs around the home and yard.

First you tape masking tape down all four sides and diagonally across the mirror. The tape will keep the mirror from shattering into small pieces and also from falling on the floor if it does crack. Next you take a long knife and slide it between the mirror and the wall and cut through the glue that it is holding the mirror on the wall. You cannot cut all of it, but it is important to cut at least one foot behind the mirror. Next you use a thin  flat piece of steel and slide it behind the mirror and gradually apply pressure against the mirror that lifts the mirror away from the wall. If the glue is old it will crack and off comes your mirror, in one piece! Otherwise it may crack into several pieces. Mine came off in one piece!

Preparation for a New Mirror

Once you have the old bathroom  mirror off the wall, it is time to get the wall ready to mount the new one. You probably will have to do some repairs, remove the glue on the wall, perhaps apply some drywall compound to fill holes or nicks in the wall and install the new lights.

Since the new mirror is unlikely to be the same size as the old one, you are going to have to paint the entire room. Just get on with it and do it, you really do not have a choice in this if you want the bathroom to look great when it is finished. Once you have repaired the walls and repainted everything, it is time to mount the new bathroom mirror.

Selecting a Bathroom Mirror

I still don’t see what was wrong with the old one, but then I am not the decorator in the family. Choosing a new mirror is quite complicated. Do we need one that has a frame, should it be square, rectangular, round or oblong? If we have a frame what color should it be? Of course it has to match the Venetian bronze faucet and bathroom lights!

We finally decided, after several days of discussion and trying out several mirrors on a framed oval mirror that was smaller than the original mirror that was originally on the wall. Once that decision was made it was a relatively simple job to hang the mirror and presto the job was completed, or so I thought.

How could I forget that we also had to repaint the door and all of the trim in the bathroom as well as in the hallway as well!

It Goes On

Now remember that this all started because we decided to change the front door handles on our front doors. Once we started painting the trim in the hallway, it just kept going. Next we painted the trim in the hallway in front of the living room and the dining room and repainted the walls after removing some wallpaper that had been on the wall far too long.

Thankfully Christmas came along and my wife did not want a mess in the house during Christmas and the entire renovation / remodeling project has come to and end for now. But she is already talking about continuing after Christmas with the upstairs hallway and the kitchen!  Maybe something will come along to save me from this work, but I don’t think so.

One of the reasons I wrote this post, is to alert all of the unsuspecting weekend renovators that once you begin, there is really no end in site and to be prepared for a large long term project which cuts into your extra curricular activities, not to mention your wallet! I have to admit that the bathroom does look much better, especially with that new oval bathroom mirror!

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