Cuisinart BBQ C550S Review

Bought a Cuisnart BBQ the other day, and man do we love it. Has a side-burner as well. Construction is excellent and assembly was easy – took me about an hour and half, but I’m pretty fussy all round (so they tell me). Our Cuisnart is the C550S model which is black in color and is a space-saver style BBQ. Also, we bought this particular BBQ because it was a natural gas model. (I despise the propane models all together. Disconnecting and running down the filling station is a pain the butt and you usually run out of propane when you have company over and you are just about to light it up and put the meat on!!)

This Cuisnart C550S passes our review big time because is run good and hot, has a repeater firing ignition system, and the heat is even. The grease drainage system is pretty spiffy too. We even bought a stainless steel cooking grill so we can do bacon, eggs, sausage, and pancakes for breakfast on the deck. Fantastic with the even heat.

Another bid deal for is the fact that our cook-top in the house is electric, so now we can cook with gas – which is really fast and nice. It really does make a big difference when you have a really good BBQ – everything come out better!

So when I hooked up the natural gas line(s) I had to extend it from the house and I had never done that before. I got pretty anal about the lines and hook ups I used. I also tested the full run of the line with a thick concentration of dish-washing soap and water. I smeared the soap mixture all over the fitting and connectors right from the BBQ to the house. I then turned on the natural gas valve at the house which is made of iron/steel. Checked for any natural gas smell, and checked for bubbles coming from the any of the couplers and fittings. All good – no problem. If there was a leak anywhere you would really smell it, and there would be bubbles everywhere. It would look like a Lawerence Welk barbecue event (if you are old enough, you will get that bad joke – if you are too young to get it, look up “Welk Bubble machine” in Google.

Specs From The Cuisinart Web Site

Versatile Cooking System: Three stainless steel linear burners deliver over 38,000 BTU/hr of power.

Multi Spark Electronic Ignition: Battery powered by a single “AA” battery. Reliable, safe and easy to use.

Side Burner: 11,000 BTU/hr, stainless steel burner, flame control valve and storage cover.

Porcelain Cast Iron Cooking Grates: Offers the best overall grilling surface and superior heat retention.

Porcelain Enamel Warming Area: For warming food and adding a higher level of low temperature cooking to your grill.

Porcelain Heat Distribution Plates: Disperses heat evenly across the grilling surface and provide protection for burners.

Easy Clean Grease Collection System: Makes clean-up quick and effortless. Keeping your BBQ free of grease build-up will eliminate flare-ups, grease fires, and prolong the life of your BBQ.

Black Porcelain Enamel Hood: Reinforced and double-lined to offer superior heat retention and roasting capabilities.

Space Saving: This barbecue is compact in size, making it ideal for smaller yards and patios.

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