Installing Allure Traffic Master Update/Review

Ok. This a follow-up to my post Trafficmaster Resilient Slate Flooring by Allure.

My wife Betty and I started on a Friday morning removing our furniture, home theatre system, carpet and underlay from our living room. By Friday evening our floor was down.

Here are some pics of the finished floor. Click to enlarge! 



On the Saturday morning we did the baseboards, cocked them, and painted them. Little tip here just in case you are  replacing carpet and underlay with Trafficmaster planks.

When you remove your carpet and underlay you will notice your baseboards are way too high on the wall. After you have layed your Trafficmaster floor you still see the baseboards are too high. Don’t go through the hassle of removing the baseboards and replacing them, and don’t worry about buying new baseboards. Just leave the old one where they are.

Then go down to the hardware store (Home Depot….whatever) and buy some molding to nail on the bottom of the original baseboards. Mask – cock – and paint all one color. No-one will ever know that it’s not one baseboard. High reaching baseboards seem to be “in” these days too, so it’s all good.

We moved our furniture back in and by Saturday night we were finished. I did allot of Internet research first and made a phone call or two using the 1-800 # provided on the back of the Trafficmaster boxes.

I thought we have to use underlay……we did not.

I thought we would have to remove the the baseboards……we did not.

I thought it would take all weekend to install the floor……it did not.

This was easy to install from beginning to end, and I highly recommend Allure for your new flooring project. We bought the Allure flooring at Home Depot.

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2 Responses to “Installing Allure Traffic Master Update/Review”

  1. Since you posted this a couple of years ago, are you STILL happy with your Allure? We are considering it for our house and I’m interested what you think now. Thanks.

  2. Sorry it took so long to reply Karen. Yes – the allure Traffic Master is still looking great. However, where we had our a chair unprotected against the flooring it scratches the Traffic Master leaving white spots. So yes, Allure is great, but it’s not bullet proof.

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