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Xmas Decorations 

Outdoor Christmas decoration ideas are not as plentiful as you may think. The average (normal) outside Xmas decorations are things like Santa Claus, Frosty the Snowman, Santa’s sleigh, reindeer,  nativity scenes, baby Jesus, three wise men, Christmas trees, lights and light shows, large snow globes, penguins, elves, Santa on a motorcycle, Winnie the Poo, Mickey Mouse, Disney characters, small nativity scenes and much much more.

Light displays are the most common, while full-blown light shows are rare. There are some enthuasists that go all out with music and flashing lights. These Christmas light show projects have developed due to the lastet electronic and computer technology advancement. See the video below for this amazing music and light show on this guy’s house.

These days it’s crazy because there are Xmas decorations in the stores before Halloween, and I’ve even heard of Christmas stuff being on sale in September. My feeling is that making your own decorations is the coolest thing you can do, but not always practical for some of us.

My personal favorite for outdoor Christmas decorating which you can buy (and not make) is the classic nativity scene. Not a cute nativity scene, but a nativity scene that is full size to scale. Nativity scenes in front yards have been know to cause problems, but in most neighbourhoods these are welcome displays during the holiday season.


I love full size nativity scenes because they remind us of the true life of Jesus, and less about the commercial aspect of Christmas. Click the thumbnail to see a full-size (life size) nativity scene. These life size nativity scenes are not easy to find or buy. You can find plastic and/or lighted nativity scenes, but they just don’t really do it for me.

life_size_nativitysceneHere is a life size nativity scene that’s incredible (click the image to enlarge, and/or click here to see the blog that I got the picture from). Lifesize and not cheap. Most suburbanites could not afford this of course, but it’s something to reach for.

If you can afford $5000-$10,000, you can check out the Cave Company. These nativity scenes are beautiful, but not really practical for the average budget.

If you know where Zazbot shoppers can find a high quality, life-size nativity scene, please leave a comment and/or link below referencing where we can buy one.  

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